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nocturnal culture night 2024 logoKulturpark, Deutzen, Germany
6th to 8th September 2024
Nocturnal Culture Night 17 with IAMX, Klangstabil, Northern Lite, Welle Erdball, Hocico, Escape With Romeo, Haujobb, Orange Sector, The Invincible Spirit, NNHMN, Frozen Plasma, A Life Divided, Antiage, Beborn Beton, Ligths Of Euphoria, Morphose, Oberer Totpunkt and many more

Every year in the End of Summer and with Autumn around the corner, NCN awakens in the romantic area of Kulturpark Deutzen (Cultural park in Deutzen, close to Leipzig). Hidden from the outside by all the trees it is calling the visitors for a long weekend of music discoveries and celebrating old and new music projects.

Though NCN is one of the smaller festivals, the program on the four stages is very diverse. And as every year, the organizers don’t care much about trends, but invite bands and artists of all the different kinds to the festival. From 80ies legends to almost unknown or forgotten artists to newcomer bands and many of the popular names are also showing up, of course. The genres are as diversified as the decades that they come from. From Post Punk, to Dark Wave, 80ies Pop, Synth Pop, Goth Rock, Metal to Indie and Electro - you will find all the shades of dark and colourful music here. Beside of music, there are readings, markets and parties. There are chill-out areas with a wide gastronomic offer from Langos, to coffee and alcoholic beverages, French fries, Mexican and traditional German food, sweets, vegetarian and vegan options and many more. All you need for a perfect weekend.

Line-up (on website per 3rd June 2024)
IAMX, Klangstabil, Northern Lite, The Art Of Noise, Eivør, Welle Erdball, Hocico, Dernière Volonté, Escape With Romeo, Ah Chama-Sotz, Ostara, Xotox, V2A, Haujobb, Orange Sector, Merciful Nuns, Armageddon Dildos, The Invincible Spirit, Bargolin, NNHMN, Trans-X, Frozen Plasma, A Life Divided, Matte BlVck Antiage, Beborn Beton, Ligths Of Euphoria, Golden Apes, INTENT:OUTTAKE, TÜSN, Abu Nein, Astari Nite, Klez.E, Die Selektion, Stoneman, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space, Ductape, Morphose, Kaelte, Oberer Totpunkt, Train To Spain, End Of Transmission, T.A.N.K., Ellereve, Tension Control, Minusheart, Capital X, CNVX

Pre Party
The NCN will start with the Warm-up party on 5th September with the following line-up: HAUJOBB, THE INVICIBLE SPIRIT, ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, ORANGE SECTOR and after-show party with DJs.

For the NCN 2024, there will be provided a limited number of original tickets which can be ordered only via the NCN homepage. As in previous years, original tickets are provided for different ticket categories:
1-day tickets for Thursday (warm-up party) each 30€
1-day tickets for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday each 70€
Festival tickets including camping: 165€
Festival tickets kids including camping: 125€
Festival tickets without camping: 140€
Festival tickets kids without camping: 100€
Parking tickets P1 & P2 (only with weekend ticket): 18€
Parking tickets P3 (for all ticket categories): 18€
Caravan tickets: 40€
Regular tickets are available online via Caravan tickets are already sold out and tickets for the warm-up party and parking tickets P1 & P2 are nearly sold out too. So, be quick and order now.

Further Information is available at: /

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