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gravebreaker sacrifice
Artist: Gravebreaker
Title: Sacrifice
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 22nd August 2016
Label: Self-released

Review Flash

Sverige igen! It seems I am musically bound to this country but I am OK with that because it is love. The band of the evening is GRAVEBREAKER. The GRAVEBREAKER you recently reviewed about the split EP with ROAD WARRIOR? Yes indeed, thanks for the notice! I thought: “Let’s have more of those” and then I made sure I get the full-length of both bands so I can check them out more and at the same time try to get them more recognition. The 2016 full-length of GRAVEBREAKER is really old-school rocking and rolling, raw and heavy like we all like it the sound and attitude instantly remind you of early Di’Anno era IRON MAIDEN or even RUNNING WILD. Nightmare’s vocals are authentic and kind of gritty, imperfect but bad-ass, Fury’s bass and guitars are tightly arranged and straight forward, audible in every second and last but not least Devastation (The Drummer) hacks, beats and overall just punishes his kit holding it all together. I know quite a few tats will dig this and raise their fist to these songs.

Conclusion: This is as old-school as old-school gets, bang your head in ‘Overdrive’ while you ‘Pray For Death’ while you stand ‘At The Gates Of Hell’.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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