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dasfluff apocalypse
Artist: Das Fluff
Title: Apocalypse
Genre: Electro Punk
Release Date: 20th March 2020
Label: sohappymusic

Video Single Review

‘Apocalypse’ is the first video from DAS FLUFF’s next album ‘Destroy what Destroys You’ (release date September 5th 2020). Frontwoman / composer Dawn Lintern explores mankind’s abuse of our world against a backdrop of nature’s resilience, epically illustrated through Christian Ruland’s video. Aptly relevant to our times, ‘Apocalypse’ screams super dark nihilism, yet offers a glimmer of hope, an ode to renewal, rebirth and survival: “I remain, renew. The air, the green, the blue. I outlive you - Climaxing with the victorious, unrelenting chant: You can’t kill me”.

Anybody familiar with DAS FLUFF will appreciate and understand that this band is for expression, an artistic mouth-piece for Dawn Lintern. Often angry, but always articulate. ‘Apocalypse’ is a full on, full speed, force de resistance aimed squarely between the eyes of humankind. Musically it has DAS FLUFF trademark electronics, used in a way that is often quite unique, it builds a soundscape, often leading up to a high energy burst of emotion. It creates an uncomfortable feeling of desperation to this track, all adding to the lyrical hard-hitting content. Lyrically it is in part written from the perspective of mother earth, being strangled by mankind - earth says, “you have a death wish”. But earth isn’t silly. Earth will survive. Earth will destroy what is destroying her. This track, I feel, is up there with the DAS FLUFF classics such as ‘Rage’, it’s a great blend of clever arrangements, lyrically powerful and very emotional.  

The video is a must watch, it stands alongside the musical interpretation. Scenes of flowers dying, and hundreds of cars adds to the drama of Dawn not being able to breath - represented by drowning and being wrapped in plastic. ‘Apocalypse’ is the first video release from DAS FLUFF's upcoming 5th album, marking the 10th anniversary of DAS FLUFF’s first performance. ‘Destroy What Destroys You’, a 15-track album, will be released on September 5th 2020 by sohappymusic and will be available on CD and on all digital platforms.


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dasfluff apocalypse


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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