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holygram moderncults
Artist: Holygram
Title: Modern Cults
Genre: Post Punk / New Wave
Release Date: 9th November 2018
Label: SPV / Cleopatra Records

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After their self-named debut EP in 2017, HOLYGRAM now released their first full-length record. Eleven songs that according to the band are inspired by big city life. Loneliness, coldness, love, memories and estrangement. “Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see you walk away”, sings Blümel. “And every time the sun comes up the feeling is the same” and most of the lyrics are in that dark style, brooding and hopeless. The beginning of the album is very promising and if you have seen HOLYGRAM live, you will recognize their sound immediately but after a few songs the music is too dominated by their influences like DEPECHE MODE, early MINISTRY, THE CURE, JOY DIVISION, NEW ORDER. Since the lyrics cover topics other bands have sung about for many years, the songs become replaceable. ‘Dead Channel Skies’ lacks vocals in total while ‘Hideaway’ perfectly blends vocals with the music. ‘Signals’ is definitely a song for the dancefloor while ‘1997’ is so melancholic, that it might not be the best song for closure.

Conclusion: HOLYGRAM are talented but the band yet had to find their own sound, if they would have found and developed it, their releases would have become the “new classics” of Post Punk and New Wave. Really sad that the band already split up…

Rating: 7 / 10

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