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Artist: Holygram
Title: Holygram
Genre: New Wave / Post Punk
Release Date: 17th February 2017
Label: Reptile Music

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The 80s revival cannot be denied. Post Punk is back and New Wave is back, too. Some of the old bands find new audiences and new bands are being inspired by their legacy, while carefully developing their own style. Five guys from Cologne founded HOLYGRAM (sadly as of now they split up again) and their debut consists of five songs and four remixes. The songs are homogenous and the 80s sound has an atmospheric touch. If you close your eyes you might imagine a band on stage surrounded by fog. The very cool SISTERS OF MERCY style drums (Homage to Dr Avalanche?) are perfect while the guitars sometimes echo too much. ‘Still different’ is the song that will move the crowd on the dancefloor, while ‘Acceleration’ is a bit too long and boring to speed you up. The vocals a dark and blend perfectly with the music, the lyrics tell you stories of pain, loneliness and cold. If you like atmospheric music, you will find the songs worth listening to.

Conclusion: Music for the masses? Not yet! But a band you should bear in mind.

Rating: 7 / 10

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