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bioplan epipathocular
Artist: Bioplan
Title: Epipath & Ocular
Genre: Progressive Metal / Instrumental
Release Date: 29th May 2020
Label: Layered Reality Productions

Review Flash

Just a week ago I said: “Instrumental music feels like an overlong intro”... yeah well it is tonight that I eat my words... thanks to BIOPLAN and the new record ‘Epipath & Ocular’. Let’s see what the press-text has to say: “BIOPLAN is the synthesizer and electric guitar mash-up brainchild of Swedish multi-instrumentalist and particle physicist turned metal master Andi Kravljaca (AEON ZEN, THAUROROD, ex- SEVENTH WONDER). Hot on the heels of ’Ocular’, the debut EP released in April 2019, ’Epipath’ is the second EP release by BIOPLAN. Written and recorded in just nine weeks, ’Epipath’ is faster, harder, and more immediate than ever.”

Listening to this progressive mix of Synth-Wave, progressive old-school Metal and Soundtrack I get the feeling I should review stuff like this more often. The whole stuff is the perfect background to chill or play videogames. Imagine SYMPHONY X without vocals plus eerie synth-wave parts, that is the vibe I get here.

Conclusion: If you like Synth-Wave, gaming and Metal check this out.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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