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sylentstorm thefireneverdies
Artist: Sylent Storm
Title: The Fire Never Dies
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 27th November 2020
Label: Stormspell Records

Review Flash

Just this very January I reviewed the 2018 released EP ‘Sylent Storm’ of Jym Harris band and now I am back to check out the full-length. Jym still reminds me of a 20 year old Kevin Heybourne (ANGELWITCH) and his songwriting is still old-school and very melody oriented (which I dig, you guys know me). ‘Sleeping in the Rain’ is a surprise, just an acoustic guitar and a sad song. The title song ‘The Fire Never Dies’ is a catchy hymn to sing along to while raising your fist and empty a cold one. Tone-wise there is a lot of improvement as the sound is crisper and more differentiated as on the two-year-old EP, everything just gets a bit more room which serves the songs very well. Speaking of great sound, the riffs on this baby here are really tight and classic and Jym’s vocals always fit like a glove. Can’t wait to hear even more of the guys from Medford, Oregon.

Conclusion: Check the Instrumentals ‘Morpheus’ and ‘Lunar Eclipse’ and buy their stuff will ye?

Rating: 7 / 10

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