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messerbrueder herzmascine
Artist: Messer Brüder
Title: Herzmaschine
Genre: Electro-Pop / Wave
Release Date: 18th December 2020
Label: Reptile Music

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Since adding singer / actress Julia Rothfuchs in 2015, MESSER BRÜDER have taken on a somewhat more theatrical approach to their leftfield electronica. ‘Herzmaschine’ runs about manically on a sugar-high trying to impress you with just about everything - the perfect, dreamy Pop of ‘Wand An Wand’ clashing dramatically with the robotic futurism of ‘Mensch Maschine Mensch’, a song that seems to revolve around finding out where a wall socket is located (my German is not too good, forgive me folks) and manages to fuse KRAFTWERK and WELLE:ERDBALL and not completely fail. The songs are punctuated with short instrumentals, which are no doubt there for a reason other than to pad things out, break up any flow or rhythm to the album or just be generally annoying and pointless… but I’ve yet to discover this illusive depth of meaning. Meanwhile, there’s happy clappy bounce on the title track, some spooky, funky minimalism on ‘Anders Als Es Sol’ and the whole concept gets concluded on the wonderfully bonkers final track ‘Schalt Dich Ab’.

Conclusion: If approached as a complex meshing of themes and concepts, person and machine, then it’s clear to see the thinking behind ‘Herzmaschine’ and appreciate it. But take that away, and it’s too inconsistent and self-satisfied to really stand up, the clutch of truly good songs better off breaking away from the parent and forming their own little support group.

Rating: 7 / 10

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