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arsena dawnofthesecondsun
Artist: Arsena
Title: Dawn Of The Second Sun
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 21st December 2020
Label: self-released

Review Flash

ARSENA is a US Thrash Metal band formed in 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland. Sound-wise the influences of ARSENA are ever present during every second of this 18 Minutes and 23 seconds. There is a whole lot of Thrash Metal madness paired with a hefty bass sound that is way more dominant than in most Metal bands nowadays. When listening to these four young dudes I get reminded of PRIMUS, MORDRED and even HAVOK and MEGADETH but let me explain what this means.

The dominance and technicality which marks the sound of both bass (PRIMUS) and guitars (MEGADETH) is something that positively surprises me, the musical cockiness and braveness to really indulge into prog territory (MORDRED) is refreshing and the overall speed and edge (HAVOK) is what makes this a complete package that is irresistible for every thrasher, no matter how old or young. ARSENA is not a hundred percent comparable to FLOTSAM AND JETSAM but there are similarities I will tell you about: just like Eric A.K Luke Albert has a really charismatic voice and, the whole progressive outbreaks and the dominant bass part aside, this is a more melodic Thrash band but in a technical and in-your-face kinda way. Check out ‘Ionize’, a up-tempo banger that reminds of old-school thrash gems of the 80s.

Conclusion: If you dig your thrash a bit on the more complex and technical side of red hot steel, you should check their Bandcamp page and support these guys.

Rating: 9 / 10

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