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oceanhoarse deadreckoning
Artist: Oceanhoarse
Title: Dead Reckoning
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 20th August 2021
Label: Noble Demon

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When it comes to the more modern approaches to heavy music, I am not yet a specialist but I am working on it. So, a band like OCEANHOARSE is practice right? The Helsinki based four-piece plays a very modern and melodic kind of heavy music, excellent riffs, solos and varied vocals are the cherry on top of the well thought out and quite complex compositions. The musical narratives are straight forward but interlaced and progressive, there are lots of breaks and transitions from one part of a song to another one and all while there are mad drum fills, crazy bass-lines and a vocalist that gives the songs all he got. The band is around since 2016 and ‘Dead Reckoning’ is their first full-length output (these guys flooded the scene with singles for the last three years and even recorded a live album called ‘The Damage Is Done – Live’). All in all, this is a young and hungry band that will dominate the fuck out of the scene if they keep up the quality and energy.

Conclusion: If the modern approach to metal is up your alley you should check this out

Rating: 8 / 10

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