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eldvarg onemanarmy reinforced
Artist: Eld Varg
Title: One Man Army (Reinforced Edition)
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 19th May 2023
Label: self-released

Review Flash

in 2021 I reviewed the original version of ELD VARG’s ‘One Man Army’, a ten-track strong and ten-ton heavy war hammer of an epic metal offering. In May 2023 I, once again, sit in front of my trusty computer, listening to ELD VARG’s songs but in a new re-recorded and thus reinforced kinda way. All Tracks are newly recorded, mixed and mastered in the most detailed way. Ollie Nokes, the mastermind and multi-instrumentalist responsible for all the music on, this went out of his way to build upon the foundation he created in 2021 and expand his creation. The new version of ‘One Man Army’ features an acoustic version of ‘Wastelands’ and a new bonus track called ‘Wanderer’. I have the definitive feeling that the sound is crisper and has a bit more punch to it than before, the vocals are improved and there is a bit of groove I cannot remember feeling when listening to this. I really liked the original version so I will only add that this time around the sound is way more professional and might appeal to more people along the way. For me this is still: fist raising, fire breathing and mead sweating Metal.

Conclusion: There are bits of GRAND MAGUS and MANOWAR to be felt vibe-wise here so I guess it rips hard as fuck, right?

Rating: 9 / 10

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