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panzerkrieg666 wolfpack
Artist: Panzerkrieg 666
Title: Wolfpack
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 13th May 2023
Label: Human Noise Records

Review Flash

Black Metal that solely concentrates on all-out war is what these two guys from North Rhine-Westphalia are playing and they do sound that way too. The band was formed in 2021 and this is their second EP, with under 20 minutes it is rather short but in no way painless. PANZERKRIEG 666 did get some flag for their rather blunt iteration of Black Metal music but I don’t see a problem here because, like the overly rough music they do play, war seems like an endless barrage of senseless brutality that is constantly thrown at those who are forced to live through it. To be brutally honest, there is one thing when it comes to the sound that is a bit hard to stomach: as a newbie to the Black Metal scene, I sometimes can only differ between some of the Death Metal subgenres and some of the facets of Black Metal because of the feeling that is transported or some “small” differences.

PANZERKRIEG 666 have vocals that do not sound like the typical Black Metal screams and screeches but rather like a mix of growl-ish shouts that remind me of a mix between Thrash and Death Metal. What does make me realize they are indeed Black Metal is the wall of sound effect they produce with their staccato riffs and the hellish inferno that they unleash with the drums. Most critics said that this music is to blunt to entertain you on a full-length scale, this may be right but maybe this is exactly what instrumentalist HvS and vocalist MVM intended to do: be as blunt and brutal as possible for roughly 20 minutes and leave the audience exhausted and bleeding.

Conclusion: Rough, brutal and short just like a skirmish that you barely survived.

Rating: 7 / 10

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