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top10 2019 beatsnnoisesThe Rhythmic Noise scene in 2019 pleased its fans with excellent works in classical sound as well as unique material that differs from the rest. Young projects make music similar to the best works of their more distinguished colleagues and old respected artists create new opuses, experimenting with sound and other electronic genres. There is a tendency of merging techno scene with rhythmic noise also this year. It will be clear with time if it’s good or bad. In the meantime, we will enjoy excellent furious thrillers and atmospheric experiments.

Covered genres: Rhythmic Noise, IDM, TBM, Techno-Industrial, Tribal Industrial

10. Mono No Aware - ‘Mujoo’ (Rhythmic Noise | Hands Productions, Germany)

The German project MONO NO AWARE was formed in the late 90s by Leif and Stefan. In 2002, Stefan left the project and focused on his own creation S.I.N.A. Since then Leif is the only member of MONO NO AWARE. The German has seven full-length albums, the last of which was released in 2019. The project’s material was released from the very beginning on Hands Productions and, in fact, is one of its leading acts. In 2019 the album ‘Mujoo’ was released. Opposite the tendency of the musician’s colleagues experimenting on the Rhythmic Noise scene and flirting with Techno sound, there were issues, that Leif would move in that direction, but ‘Mujoo’ turned out to be a classic Rhythmic Noise in the way of old MONO NO AWARE albums. Sudden changes in rhythm, rattle, hard beat - Rhythmic Noise in all its best, although it’s impossible nowadays to avoid influence of Techno-Industrial in some compositions and in a couple of moments it sounds like a typical industrial, but in general it is an old good (or evil) Rhythmic Noise. The album is diverse, high-quality and very interesting.

09. THXM - ‘Corroded Planet’ (Techno-Industrial, Electro-Industrial, Rhythmic Noise | Self-Released, Slovakia)

Slovak musician Tomáš Mutina is known for his work in the oldest Slovak Post-Industrial project TERMINAL STATE. He has also a lot of side-projects. Among them the following: THE OPPOSER DIVINE, APOPHYXIA and THXM. THXM was created in the mid-10s and in 2017 released its debut work in an explosive mix of almost all post-industrial music genres. In 2019 the second full-length album of THXM was released, which continued the line and ideas of the debut. Techno-Industrial, Electro-Industrial, Rhythmic Noise and other rigid and mechanical genres of Post-Industrial electronics are intertwined in an ornate chain of Industrial sounds and rough dirty beats. Although the album turned out to be diverse and multifaceted, it should be mentioned, that tracks are 8-9 minutes long, a bit loopy and even monotonous in some places. This monotony can both repel the listener and drag him into a complete trance. In any case, the album deserves the attention and listening not only of fans of this kind of genre, but also in general for the fans of underground electronic music.

08. Code 000 - ‘Kill Process D: Entheogenic’ (Rhythmic Noise, Industrial | Self-Released, Canada)

There is not much information on the net about the project CODE 000. The project is based in London not in the UK, but in the Canadian province Ontario. In 2019, CODE 000 released a series of releases called the ‘Kill Process’. This series includes several albums, EPs, remix releases as well as unreleased and raw demo material. Due to the lack of information it is difficult to say whether these releases are reissues of old material, compilations of unreleased tracks or full-length new albums. Since the project is not known in the Industrial scene and its old albums (if these releases are still old) have not been noticed by anyone, I would assume, that those albums are new. Most of the releases from this series for the most part consist of percussion Industrial, Techno-Industrial, Rhythmic Noise and other sound experiments, but the ‘Kill Process’ album called ‘Entheogenic’ turned out to be much more holistic, filled with high-quality and interesting rough sound of Rhythmic Noise with a distorted rhythm and Techno-Industrial elements. It is unlikely that you will be able to dance during the listening, but you can completely enjoy the sound at home. Good work.

07. Test Dept. - ‘Disturbance’ (Techno-Industrial, EBM, Industrial | One Little Indian, UK)

The British project TEST DEPT. is one of the pioneers of Industrial music. The band was formed in 1981 and at the moment it is one of the most respected projects of Industrial music. Their last work saw the world in 1998, after which TEST DEPT. disappeared from the radar, and most of the Industrial music lovers, who do not really follow the news of individual groups, have already managed to write them down as “the disintegrated fathers of Industrial”. However, in 2019 TEST DEPT. have suddenly risen from oblivion with their new album ‘Disturbance’. The album is made in different genres of Industrial and Post-Industrial music and, in fact, turned out to be at the intersection of experimental and electronic scenes. EBM and Electro-Industrial are spiced with the mechanical rhythm of Techno-Industrial and mid-tempo compositions are diluted with atmospheric Industrial opuses. It is difficult to unambiguously define such work in any one of the formed scenes, so the place for the new album of TEST DEPT. would be found in the top 10 of Post-Industrial or Industrial. A dignified return for the distinguished British act. An addition for this album was released separately, which contains remixes on ‘Disturbance’ tracks.

06. [Fabrikmutter] - ‘[13]’ (Rhythmic Noise | Crunch Pod, Mexico)

The Mexican project [FABRIKMUTTER] was formed in the early 10s and for a long time was in the shadow of European projects working on its sound. His first recordings came out as self-release or on the unknown Mexican labels. In the second half of the 10s [FABRIKMUTTER] was noticed by the well-known American label Crunch Pod, where two EPs were released, followed by a full-length debut. [FABRIKMUTTER] creates typical modern Rhythmic Noise without any glitch or Techno elements. Noisy, sonorous and powerful beats woven into rusty noises can be hits on Industrial dancefloors as well as well suited for home listening. The release contains 20 songs, some of which are remixes, which were made by colleagues of the Mexican project in the Rhythmic Noise scene: STAHLSCHLAG, [L]E COMPLEX and others. Nice sturdy work worthy of a place in a genre lover’s music library.

05. Stahlschlag - ‘Annihilation’ (Rhythmic Noise | Synth-Me, Germany)

The German project STAHLSCHLAG has been active on the Industrial scene for a long time. Sebastian released albums on different labels as well as self-released material. The previous work was released on the Internet label Synth-Me. The new album was released there also. Powerful rhythmic compositions are intended both for home listening and for the madness of the Industrial dancefloor. Furious mechanical action thrillers with elements of such genres of Post-Industrial music as Dark Electro, TBM and Electro-Industrial and viscous compositions with the influence of old school sound and even Ambient elements will not leave indifferent fans of hard electronic music. Excellent project work, after which the German was signed be the famous and respected American label Crunch Pod. Also, in addition of the main album, a remix collection of new compositions was out with remixes by different projects in different electronic genres.

04. Andreevka - ‘Heavy Machinery Doctrine’ (Rhythmic Noise | Self-Released, Russia)

The Russian project ANDREEVKA was founded , in the mid-10s by Stas Andreev, known for his work in the Noise project .NYCTALOPS. The debut work was released in 2016 and in 2019 the musician released two albums, one of which was released on the NEN Records and the second was published on his own. If the album released on the label sounds rather sleek and relatively soft, then the work released on our own turned out to be noisier, in some way more raw, but much more interesting and less experimental. A hard distorted beat with a dirty rough sound and sudden changes in rhythm with non-standard features in the sound threw this work of the Russian project ANDREEVKA to high positions in the top of the Rhythmic Noise genre for the year 2019. Very good album.

03. Monya - ‘Straight Ahead’ (Techno-Industrial, Rhythmic Noise | Hands Productions, Germany)

Recently more techno-based releases and not the classical Rhythmic Noise have been prevailing in the catalogue of the famous German label Hands Productions, but not all Techno-Industrial works are stand out of the general flow of hard electronic Post-Industrial music. Polish composer Monya Cperski began creating Industrial music after moving to Berlin. The first work appeared in 2013. In 2019 her first album was released on Hands Productions. The album contains Techno-Industrial compositions diluted with Rhythmic Noise and classic Industrial as well as flavoured with Electro-Industrial elements and glitch sound. All this combination sounds holistic, rhythmic and not boring. There are looped rhythms as in any album of Rhythm Noise, but here each loop is enriched with new sounds and features. MONYA has created probably one of the best Techno-Industrial releases in recent years.

02. Ruido Del Cielo - ‘Strukturelle Maschine’ (Rhythmic Noise | Electrosound, Mexico)

RUIDO DEL CIELO is another young Mexican project playing in the genre of Rhythmic Noise. ‘Strukturelle Maschine’ is the debut album from the project, which was created in the mid-10s. The previous Rhythmic Noise works in the top of 2019 were quite experimental in terms of sound compared to this album. RUIDO DEL CIELO made a kind of flashback from the early 2000s, when Rhythmic Noise was at its top. When XOTOX was doing something that was already dancefloor oriented, but had not yet become massively popular. The album of RUIDO DEL CIELO is made with such a beat that the legs themselves go to dance and the body begins to move while sitting on a chair. In some compositions there is even a weakly marked melody, which is rare in the music of Rhythmic Noise. The album also contains tough slow compositions, that can be conventionally called “rhythmic noise ballads”. This is the Rhythmic Noise that I missed: no flirting with Techno, no trendy TBM elements, no Electro-Industrial sound. Reckless furious thriller.

01. Wychdoktor - ‘Pact’ (Rhythmic Noise, IDM, Industrial, Tribal Industrial | Self-Released, Sweden)

The Canadian project WYCHDOKTOR, which is now based in Sweden, was formed in the early 10s and currently has four full-length albums, which were out as self-release. Since the very first album the Canadian has skilfully combined different genres of experimental electronic and Noise music creating a unique sound and occult atmosphere. The new work turned out to be even more diverse and reached a new level for the project. Rhythmic Ritual dance thrillers alternate with deep tough dark compositions consisting of Tribal Industrial, Dark Ambient and even witch House elements, although there were more such elements on previous albums. WYCHDOKTOR has once again released the perfect material, which stands out for its uniqueness in the Rhythmic Noise scene and has no analogues at the moment. ‘Pact’ is probably the best work in the discography of the Canadian.

Other honourable mentions: 13th Monkey, ICD-10, Pzytechz, Gas of Latvia