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blindpassenger nextflight
Artist: Blind Passenger
Title: Next Flight to Planet Earth
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 27th August 2010
Label: Wannsee Records

Album Review

2010, Nik Page (co-founder of BLIND PASSENGERS) announced the rebirth of this project. These news excited a lot of electronic music fans, because in the 90s BLIND PASSENGERS became an icon. Vocal duet of Rayner Schirner and Nik Page as well as their catchy melodies with bright lyrics are still highly recognizable and asked-for all around the world. Their hits, ‘Hall of Pain’, ‘Absurdistan’ or ‘Grey Sunday’ just to name a few, are the unfading classic of electronic scene. But since Schirner has decided to leave stage and concentrate on his producer carrier, all the musicians took different paths. As for Nik Page, he continued his musical way with a solo project in the direction of dark rock. Since 2002 he has released three successful long-players, and there is again a bunch of hits.

Unfortunately, Schirner’s attitude toward musician’s carrier didn’t change, and he prefers to stay behind the curtains, so there is only one blind passenger left, who started his way last year with the release called ‘Next Flight to Planet Earth’. It wasn’t an accident that availability of lots of hits was mentioned. Like other newcomers, in spite of or thanks to the great reputation of the brands “Blind Passengers” and “Nik Page”, Nik makes some covers on his own hits. The new interpretation of ‘Don’t Drag Me Down’, a cooperation with Joke Jay (AND ONE) from 2002, opens the album and becomes the first single. Among others there are ‘Neverland’, ‘Sincity’, ‘Fight’ (this time featured by Gary Wagner) and ‘Small Town Night’ - the pearls of the past adapted to the present.

But of course BLIND PASSENGER is about to keep moving forward and creating new hits. On 27th August 2011, the new video from ‘Next Flight…’ was released. ‘Electrocop’ was dedicated to Aldous Huxley, who “bravely predicted a brave new world”, so Nik Page. The song tells a story of the nearest future full of digital modernization, where suddenly machines take control over humans. Mixture of a ballads like ‘Heart of a Sun’ and dance bestsellers as ‘Galaxy of Passion’ (featured Victoria Valo) and ‘Alien’ spiced with pure electronic pieces ‘Chemical Rocket Engines’ or ‘Last Call for Planet Earth’ create kind of new space trend in modern electronic music. One day the album will surely become a classical example of Synth Pop, since it full of hits and is based on best traditions and tendencies of this musical direction.


01. Don't Drag Me Down feat. Joke Jay (Ex-And One)
02. Electrocop feat. Jamie H. Stewart (Mutate Now)
03. Sincity
04. Heart Of A Sun
05. Small Town Night 2010
06. Chemical Rocket Engines
07. Galaxy Of Passion feat. Victoria Valo
08. Neverland
09. Alien
10. Last Call For Planet Earth
11. Fight feat. Gary Wagner (Dance Or Die)
12. Riding On My Rocking Horse


Nik Page
Jamie Stewart


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blindpassenger nextflight


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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