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Artist: ††† (Crosses)
Title: Crosses (†††)
Genre: Electronic Rock
Release Date: 11th February 2014
Label: Sumerian Records

Album Review

After DEFTONES released their album ‘Diamond Eyes’ the band reached the level where all the critics are chocking on their saliva trying to compliment it more than possible. Now it seems that the band’s vocalist Chino Moreno accepted the new challenge. He decided to create something better. He pushed the limits in the direction of less demanded genre, using minimal melodies and building the compositions rather around his vocals. After two years of work CROSSES release their debut orgasmic satanic self-called album. And trust me you’ll sell your soul for this work!

In fact the album is the compilation of the re-mastered tracks, which have been released during the last two years as EPs. The first EP was available to download for free on the band’s site. Now off with dry words. It’s time to choke on your own saliva complimenting this work of art. There are fifteen songs and each is unforgettable act of love – cruel and tender, a silent scream of the best orgasm you ever had lasting for eternity. Even if the songs could seem to be calm and slow enough, in fact they are quite intensive. Mostly the compositions are based on the charismatic vocals of Moreno and completed by minimal electronics, intensive guitars and volume drums. It is just simple as that, but absolutely genius balance of the elements makes each song a masterpiece.


01. This Is a Trick
02. Telepathy
03. Bitches Brew
04. Thholyghst
05. Trophy
06. The Epilogue
07. Bermuda Locket
08. Frontiers
09. Nineteen Ninety Four
10. Option
11. Nineteen Eighty Seven
12. Blk Stallion
13. Cross
14. Prurient
15. Death Bell


Chino Moreno
Shaun Lopez
Chuck Doom

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crosses st


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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