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deftones koinoyokan
Artist: Deftones
Title: Koi No Yokan
Genre: Experimental Rock / Alternative Metal / Nu Metal
Release Date: 9th November 2012
Label Reprise Records

Album Review

While the mysterious 'Eros' album probably won't ever be released, the DEFTONES machinery is far from being idle. Quite recently, the guys around Chino Moreno have released 'Koi No Yokan' which translates as “Premonition Of Love”. The short cut opening to the album 'Swerve City' offers a jarring main riff and transcending ambient melodies to correspond with a shape shifting vocal performance. 'Romantic Dreams' while not being overly depressing bears a subtly undertone of desperation lying in the farthest corners of its fluidum. 'Leathers' was released as the album's first single as a free download. The track is a prime example of how to build tension and to burn down the causeway that held it all back afterwards. 'Polltergeist' rattles the windows and makes the floors quiver with fright . It's taking no prisoners in delivering uncompromising blasts of harshness.

'Entombed' is like its calm little brother emphasizing the ambient side that is so prominent on this album so far. 'Graphic Nature' maintains a darkish texture throughout and else is like a volcano that never fully erupts. 'Rosemary' on the other hand aims to caress with a rather soft timbre and ethereal melodies. If you found that one much too lame 'Goon Squad' will make it all up for you exploding all in your face and never letting go until the end. 'Koi No Yokan' at no point steps out of the usual DEFTONES sound , rather setting a different angle on things to put them in a different perspective. Thus not being the re-invention of the wheel but still worlds better than what normally comes out of the genre.


01. Swerve City - 2:45
02. Romantic Dreams - 4:38
03. Leathers - 4:09
04. Poltergeist - 3:31
05. Entombed - 4:59
06. Graphic Nature - 4:32
07. Tempest - 6:05
08. Gauze - 4:41
09. Rosemary - 6:53
10. Goon Squad - 5:40
11. What Happened To You  - 3:54


Stephen Carpenter - lead guitar
Abe Cunningham - drums
Frank Delgado - keyboards, turntables, samples
Chino Moreno - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Sergio Vega - bass, backing vocals

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deftones koinoyokan


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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