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Artist: Black Nail Cabaret
Title: Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me
Genre: Synth Noir
Release Date: 12th May 2015
Label: Basic Unit Production

Album Review

A few seconds into this and you’ll be powerless. ‘Hair’ opens the second album by Hungarian duo BLACK NAIL CABARET, and you know the term synth-noir was invented just for them. The minimalist sleazy surge of the beat, the choppy synths, and the liquid-chocolate crooning all transport you to some smoke-filled fetish-club, albeit one decorated in the best possible taste. It oozes with class, despite its filthy undertones. ‘Blonde’, who is “the queen of show” we are told, is a similar classy tease of interweaving electronica, ice-cold and intriguing. The kind of cabaret on show here is definitely invite only, and there’s a real feel of exclusivity and knowing superiority. It works wonderfully well. One priceless facet to ‘Harry Me Marry Me Bury Me Bite Me’ is the fabulous and versatile voice of Emese. In the space of one song her vocals can soothe and whisper, then soar and hit you between the eyes.

On ‘The Critical Cult Of Dora’ – now there’s a song title – it’s like a singer’s CV, all beautifully packaged in just over four minutes. There are highlights a-plenty here. Take the bittersweet chorus and pizzicato keys of ‘Lovely Girl’ or the sudden surge skywards half way through the excellent ‘Satisfaction’. ‘Right On’ is sophisticated and dense, whereas ‘Change Me’ starts like DEPECHE MODE in leather chaps, all slow-motion spank-beats and seductive spoken word verses. And we’re back in that exclusive club again, ordering champagne and partially hiding under wide-brimmed hats. There’s no let-up on ‘Down Again’ either, a slow-dance-floor-lope built around a simple but effective beat that beckons you with a gloved finger and then shoves you away with nose-in-the-air dismissiveness.

By closer ‘The Burial Party’, it’s 4am, the room is hazy, the barman is clearing up and there’s no-one left. A silky, sultry kiss-off, this is the perfect end to a fabulous set of songs. And the best thing of all? After a few hours of sleep, you’ll be ready to do it all again.


01. Hair
02. Blonde
03. The Critical Cult Of Dora
04. Lovely Girl
05. Dance For You
06. Satisfaction
07. Right On
08. Change Me
09. Down Again
10. The Burial Party


Emese - vocals
Sophie - keyboards

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blacknailcabaret harryme


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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