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bulletformyvalentine venom
Artist: Bullet for My Valentine
Title: Venom
Genre: Metalcore, Heavy Metal
Release Date: 14th August 2015
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

After listening to the debut album of Welsh metal band BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE I was really impressed however the next record was not so impressive and I stopped following the band’s discography at all. But now it’s a pleasant surprise to know that the new creation entitled ‘Venom’ not only contains all the best features presented on the debut work but also demonstrates the true potential of the musicians and actually it turns out to be a profound and complete release. The album starts with a short intro, which sounds a little bit strange and slightly mysterious or thrilling, although at first it’s almost impossible to hear anything. However it helps to set an appropriate mood for the rest of the material. The following full-length song ‘No Way Out’ already managed to get a positive feedback as it came out as a single long before the release of the whole album. Dynamic, energetic, with a catchy chorus this track will definitely be appreciated by old fans of the band and of course it can easily attract new ones.

Then listeners can enjoy rather aggressive ‘Army of Noise’ and heavy, powerful ‘Worthless’. ‘You Want a Battle (Here’s a War)’ appears to be somewhat anthem the meaning of which is revealed in the next composition “Broken” where the musicians are trying to find themselves. The title track sounds surprisingly softer and more tranquil also that tranquillity is still illusive and dark enough. ‘The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks)’ may be considered as one of the brightest songs on the album, musically and lyrically, at the end leaving you with a feeling of incompleteness. One of my favourite also became ‘Pariah’. The rest of the material is not so striking but nevertheless good and thought-provoking. All in all ‘Venom’ including 11 tracks is a high quality, interesting work which deserves to be listened to and may interest all lovers of the style.


01. V – 1:26
02. No Way Out – 3:54
03. Army of Noise – 4:18
04. Worthless – 3:18
05. You Want a Battle (Here’s a War) – 4:14
06. Broken – 3:40
07. Venom – 3:54
08. The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks) – 4:00
09. Skin – 3:59
10. Hell or High Water – 4:36
11. Pariah – 3:46


Matthew “Matt” Tuck – Vocals, Guitars
Michael “Padge” Paget – Guitars
Michael “Moose” Thomas – Drums
Jamie Mathias – Bass Guitar, Vocals

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bulletformyvalentine venom


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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