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Title: Live in Dresden
Artist: Camouflage
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 23rd January 2009
Label: Synthetic Symphony/SPV


The trio consisting of Heiko Maile, Oliver Kreyssig and Marcus Meyn started its musical career back in 1983. Electronic and melancholic sounds were always the trademark of the band. The first world hit - ‘The great Commandment’ - was released in 1987. The debut album ‘Voices & Images’ was equally successful. The band not only walks on Synth Pop paths, but also adds acoustic elements to their songs. The second album ‘Meanwhile’ was followed by ‘Methods of Silence’ in 1989 with the next big hit ‘Love is a Shield’. After some more albums with ‘Relocated’ being the latest one in 2006 it was finally time for a DVD release which comes now with ‘Live in Dresden’ as a 2DVD/CD package.


Oliver Kreyssig - electronic drums, synthesizer, keyboards, lyrics, song writing, vocals and background vocals
Heiko Maile - synthesizer, keyboards, song writing, producer, background vocals
Marcus Meyn - vocals, , lyrics, song writing
Volker Hinkel - live guitar
Jochen Schmalbach - live drums

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Detailed Review

This release is surely something the fans have waited for. But ‘Live in Dresden’ is not a usual live DVD. This release comes as a package containing two DVDs and one Audio-CD giving a glimpse into the fascinating world of CAMOUFLAGE. The first DVD as well as the Audio-CD contain the live recording of the concert in Dresden, which was not only a “Greatest Hits” show bit also included some of the rare tracks such as ‘You Turn’ or ‘The perfect Key’. The second DVD contains all video clips of the band in chronological order as well as some “unplugged” clips and several TV appearances. Furthermore, the package has a 60-minute lasting documentary of the band’s Russia tour 2006 included giving an insight behind the scenes and into the routine of touring.

But back to the release itself. Before I take a deeper insight into the DVDs I want to put your attention onto the artwork. The package comes as a very nice fold-out digi-pack containing a booklet with lots of information and moody tour photographs. The most important part of the release is surely the live DVD with 126 minutes playing time which was recorded at 30th September 2006 at the Reithalle in Dresden. The menu lets you chose between the whole concert, each song separately or the bonus material being contained even at the first DVD. For the best sound you can chose between several audio modes. With a very nice cut show you get a very good impression of the live experience from lots of different camera perspectives. Also the reactions of the audience are included very well so you feel as part of the show. The extraordinary stage qualities of the band are perfectly played in the gallery. During the tour, the band was supported by two more live musicians - Jochen Schmalbach on drums and Volker Hinkel (FOOL’S GARDEN) on guitar. This live support gives an extra pinch of salt to the performance. Together with the live DVD comes a live CD coming in a very good audio quality. So does the DVD as well.

Having visited one show of the recorded tour as well, this release makes you travel back to the live experience again. Wonderful! But the live show is not all. There is another DVD making a fan’s heart beating faster. Besides all video clips of the band, there’s a lot more content on this DVD. So, you’ll find some unplugged versions which were recorded for the TV show “Schattenreich”. Furthermore there are some TV appearances of the band on this DVD as well which might be a highlight for all fans out there. Last but not least, there is the already mentioned documentation of CAMOUFLAGE’s tour through Russia is included as well. As you see, you get really a lot of material for your money.

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DVD 1 - Total 126min
01. How Do You Feel? (live) - 01:55
02. Me And You (live) - 05:07
03. The Pleasure Remains (live) - 04:19
04. I Can't Feel You (live) - 05:00
05. That Smiling Face (live) - 06:05
06. Thief (live) - 04:08
07. Confusion (live) - 03:48
08. We Are Lovers (live) - 04:10
09. Perfect (live) - 04:56
10. Close (live) - 04:09
11. Dreaming (live) - 05:40
12. You Turn (live) - 05:08
13. The Perfect Key (live) - 05:36
14. Motif Sky (live) - 03:25
15. The Great Commandment (live) - 04:50
16. Conversation (live) - 04:07
17. Real Thing (live) - 03:10
18. Suspicious Love (live) - 05:12
19. Something Wrong (live) - 04:46
20. Love Is A Shield (live) - 06:38
21. One Fine Day (live) - 06:13
22. Kraft (live) - 03:35
23. Strangers' Thoughts (live) - 05:15
24. Tour Documentary - 12:01
25. Something Wrong (unplugged) - 02:03
26. Conversation (Animation) - 04:05
27. Images

DVD 2 - Total 141min
01. The Great Commandment (Video Clip) - 03:08
02. Strangers' Thoughts (Video Clip) - 03:49
03. Neighbours (Video Clip) - 03:05
04. Love Is A Shield (Video Clip) - 03:57
05. One Fine Day (Video Clip) - 03:58
06. Heaven (I Want You) (Video Clip) - 03:46
07. This Day (Video Clip) - 03:54
08. Handsome (Video Clip) - 03:10
09. Suspicious Love (Video Clip) - 04:14
10. Bad News (Video Clip) - 03:33
11. X-Ray (Video Clip) - 03:27
12. Thief (Video Clip) - 03:23
13. Me and You (Video Clip) - 03:32
14. Perfect (unplugged) - 03:46
15. I Can't Feel You (unplugged) - 03:57
16. Me and You (unplugged) - 04:37
17. Motif Sky (Video Clip) - 04:00
18. The Great Commandment (NDR Spruchreif 1987) - 02:47
19. Strangers' Thoughts (NDR Spielbude 1988) - 02:36
20. Love Is A Shield (NDR Spielbude 1989) - 03:59
21. Bitte umblättern (SWR Report 1988) - 05:21
22. Relocated in Russia 2006 - 03:27

01. How Do You Feel? (live) - 01:55
02. Me and You (live) - 05:04
03. I Can't Feel You (live) - 04:15
04. That Smiling Face (live) - 05:40
05. Thief (live) - 04:06
06. Confusion (live) - 03:51
07. We Are Lovers (live) - 04:13
08. Close (live) - 04:04
09: Dreaming (live) - 05:41
10. You Turn (live) - 05:04
11. The Perfect Key (live) - 05:38
12. Motif Sky (live) - 03:20
13. The Great Commandment (live) - 04:42
14. Conversation (live) - 04:11
15. Love Is a Shield (live) - 05:52
16. One Fine Day (live) - 05:40
17. Strangers' Thoughts (live) - 03:31


Audio: 8
Video: 8
Concert: 9
Extras: 10
Total: 8.8


‘Live in Dresden’ is much more than a usual live DVD and definitely not only a “Best of”. This release also delivers some history taking you back several years. With 2 DVDs and one CD, there is a lot to explore. Anything fits together, from the content over artwork and production. Worth a buy!


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