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Acoustic gig, FAME, Amsterdam
14 Octhtober 2005
After Forever

Just two hours before the After Forever gig in Melkweg, Amsterdam, the band had an acoustic session followed by a signing session for the new single ‘Being Everyone’ from their latest album ‘Remagine’

After Forever was formed in 1995 Their music was mostly death metal orientated with classical influences. When Floor Jansen joined the band (1997), the music got more diverse but always contained metal elements. After making 3 albums and a mini album, After Forever has just finished the recordings of their 4th studio album ‘Remagine’, which was released in the beginning of October

Music and performance
When After Forever hit the record store Fame the fans had already gathered around the sealed off area where Floor (Vocals), Joost (Keys) and the two guest musicians Louise (Cello) and Mariska (Violin) were about to give a special acoustic session. Floor started off with an introduction of Mariska and Louise followed by the beautiful song ‘Taste the Day’. I think that ‘Taste the Day’ is the perfect song for Floor’s voice. She sings this song with so much passion and her voice is so powerful. It’s really a pity that this song isn’t on the album.
After the first song introduced ‘My Choice’. Joost started playing the song and with a passion no one can describe Floor started singing the chorus of ‘Taste the Day’ again. The stupid thing is, that the ‘Taste the Day’ chorus perfectly fits the beginning of the ‘My Choice’ music, so that the audience didn’t even noticed it in the beginning, neither did Floor. After a whole ‘Taste the Day’ chorus Floor noticed her mistake and joked around about it.
After ‘My Choice’ Floor asked the audience if they wanted another song so they would forgive her mistake. She only had to ask once… Of course everybody wanted another song. Joost and Floor played ‘Eccentric’ and after those three songs the acoustic session was ended with a singing session where fans could chat some more with their favourite band.
After the session After Forever headed back to ‘Melkweg’ where the band with, support act ‘NovAct’, treated the fans with another amazing gig.

01. Taste the Day
02. My Choice
03. Eccentric

Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 8
Light -
Total 8

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