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Title: Hideous & Perfect
Artist: Angelspit
Genre: Electro, Industrial, Punk
Release Date: 9th September 2009
Label: Black Pill Red Pill

Album Review

In 2004, the Australian project ANGELSPIT was formed in Sydney. After the band had released the EP `Nurse Grenade´ (2004), it delivered the debut album `Krankhaus´ in the same year and was given particular attention due to an unique combination of Electro and Punk. The duo went on international tours with artists such as THE CRÜXSHADOWS, KMFDM, FRONT 242 and FRONTLINE ASSEMBLY. In 2008, ANGELSPIT´s second full-length recording `Blood Death Ivory´ was finished; and now, only one year later, the newest stroke `Hideous & Perfect´ is in the starting blocks.

While I was listening to `Hideous & Perfect´, the long-player conjured up images of a dark urban underworld that could be perfectly staged in an apocalyptic computer game including weird characters. The all in all 12 tracks provide a fusion of Industrial, Cyberpunk, Punk and Electro in a pretty futuristic manner. After a pulsating intro, the strongly Industrial-influenced and catchy `Cold Hard Cash´ opens with a distinctive guitar riff and leads over to rather monotonously sung verses and a  battle call-like chorus. `Fuck the Revolution´ is a cheeky Cyberpunk anthem and dominated by dirty guitar lines and the somehow disreputable speech singing of Amelia "Destroyx" Tan. `As it is in Heaven´ creates a nightmarish atmosphere due to nervous Synth sounds and the whispering male vocals. When I listened to the instrumental track `On Earth´ for the first time, I thought that the file was damaged.

To arrive at a conclusion: If you like the previous ANGELSPIT releases, you will also feel comfortable with `Hideous & Perfect´. On the one hand, the energizing tracks stand for the unmistakably own style of the Australian formation; on the other hand and looked at individually, the songs are alike as they live on the same stylistic features.


01. Ditch the Rest
02. Cold Hard Cash
03. Fink
04. Fuck the Revolution
05. On Earth
06. Making Money
07. Sleep Now
08. Channel Hell
09. Let Them Eat Distortion
10. Hyperlust
11. Princess Chaos
12. As It Is In Heaven


Amelia "Destroyx" Tan - vocals
Karl "ZooG" Learmont - synths

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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