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holymoses inthepowerofnow
Artist: Holy Moses
Title: 30th Anniversary - In the Power of Now
Genre: Thrash Metal
Release Date: 20th April 2012
Label: Steamhammer / SPV

Album Review

HOLY MOSES is a German Thrash Metal band who have been active ever since 1980 and are one of the pioneers of their genre. Their history is defined by lots of changes in their line-up, front-woman Sabine Classen is part of the band since 1982; the band dissolved in 1992 and resolved around 2000. Albums like ‘Finished With The Dogs’ (1987) or ‘The New Machine Of Liechtenstein’ (1989) can be regarded as classics of the genre.

As a celebration of their 30th anniversary, the band hit the studio again to re-record all their classics as well as to brand new songs (´Borderland’ and ‘Entering the Now’). On the one hand, this unites the old songs and the new line-up, on the other hand it gives a nice summary of the most important songs on two CDs. The choice of the songs leaves almost nothing to be desired. ‘Borderland’ turns out to be a modern version of HOLY MOSES, with the typical trademarks of Sabine’s voice, combined with grooving drums, fast guitars and hymn-like shouts. ‘Entering The Now’ is a bit harsher and includes more technical variation like guitar-solos.

In general, Best-Of or Compilation - albums always raise the question of necessity. It is of course quite satisfying to have all songs recorded in a high quality, but the garage-like style actually gives the songs from the 80s a certain flair and charm. ‘30th Anniversary - In The Power Of Now’ combines the most important songs of HOLY MOSES’ career and is recommended for die-hard fans of the band since the new-songs are very enjoyable. Yet, the compilation does not serve as a substitute for listening to the old albums with their very own atmosphere.


CD 1
01. Clash My Soul 02:36
02. Jungle Of Lies 03:46
03. Finished With The Dogs 02:29
04. Symbol Of Spirit 03:42
05. World Chaos 03:12
06. SSP 03:40
07. Borderland 03:27
08. Lost In The Maze 05:51
09. Walpurgisnight 02:58
10. Welcome To The Real World 03:31
11. Near Dark 05:30

CD 2
01. Reborn Dogs 03:50
02. DefCon II 04:26
03. I Feel Sick 03:48
04. Nothing For My Mum 03:51
05. Disorder Of The Order 04:14
06. Corroded Dreams 04:04
07. Entering The Now 03:40
08. Creation Of Violation 03:56
09. Panic 03:13
10. Decapitated Minds 03:40
11. Master Of Disaster 03:45


Sabina Classen – Vocals
Michael Hankel – Guitars
Oliver Jaath – Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals
Gerd Lücking – Drums
Thomas Neitsch – Bass

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holymoses inthepowerofnow


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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