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Ten Weyngaert, Brussel, Belgium
19th November 2005
Epica, Holy Moses, Autumn, Dylath-Leen, Xystus

For those people who couldn’t get enough of  the Metal Female Voices Fest there is an other indoor festival. With the difference that this time there is more diversity in the line-up. Ten Weyngaert reminds of the first MFVF edition and it is good to be there altough it is freezing and cold. In the venue people are walking around between the bar, merchandise and the stage. There is enough space to have a nice conversation or to enjoy the music. Luckily the venue is not hard to find, because a red tourbus is the sign that there is something going on.


Today is the first gig in a raw as the supportact from Epica on their Europian tour. Also it is one of the first gigs outside their home country The Netherlands. Their powermetal sound is a good kick-off from the festival. People are still walking in when the band starts to play, but soon it is crowded in the front.

The heavy voice of Bas (vocals/guitar) one of the trademarks of the band. With his more powermetal orientated voice people will remind Xystus better. Altough they have to play early they seem to have no problem with that, beause their sound is straight into your face and dynamic. The drums played by Ivo (former of the band) are bringing in some exitement. It is the first time that I see them again with a new keybordplayer and he fits very well in the band: his sound is very symphonic and almost comparitive with the progmetalsound. All together a heavy experience: uptempo, strong vocallines and a heavy base.

Altough they play a bit early and many people are walking in and out: it doesn’t disturb the band. In the past they had some problems with acting like a whole band, but today they are there full force and with all the energy they got. There is no doubt about the fact they enjoy it and they all have a lot of interaction with the audience. From the beginning there is Bas who is very focussed on the vocals, but also takes his time to tell the audience who they are. On his side there are the guitarplayer and bassplayer Tim. Both are walking around and are very active on stage: they make the audience more enthousiastic. Much to far away in the back there is drumplayer Ivo. He is for sure the most energic drumplayer of the evening: hitting on his drumkit like it is his enemy, sweaty and making funny faces.

Music 6
Performance 7
Light 5
Sound 6
Total: 6 (6.3)

The Legion Of Hetheria

The first real gothmetal band on stage is the Mexican band The Legion Of Hetheria. They are not unknown by the audience. So it is really crowded when the change-over is there. It is nice to see that they have a real fanbase here in Belgium.

Also this Mexican band has a real own caracter. The opera voice of Marivi is really one of the most distinctive and impressive side of the band. From the first second till the end of the gig her voice is deep and pure. She managed to sing the high tones while she is making movements with her body. Together with Ricardo managed to play some have lead guitar parts and scream or grunt at the same time. Their sound is clear and both singers are good to hear. The keybordplayer Harif is sometimes hard to hear, but on unexpected moments there is a clear sound from him. The drumplayer is more foccussed and all together they produce a heavy bombastic sound.

Marivi is very active on stage: headbanging, dancing and making contact with the other members. Also Ricardo is moving along with her and really look into the audience when he grunt. Marivi enjoys her time on stage and makes it more natural to look at. The other members are more quit to give her all the space she need. A good combination and that prevents that it gets messy. There is more light so the movements of Marivi are better to see. She really can confince the audience with her own charism.

Music 7
Performance 7
Light 6
Sound 7
Total: 7 (6.8)

Dylath – Leen

Due to the fact that I had an interview to do, I had to miss a part of the show of Dyltah - Leen. This French band  just released their secon album “Semeïon” and with their more heavy guitar orientated music, they really are a good warm-up for Holy Moses. The screams from Igor with his long blond are an ode to the deathmetalscene. There is vocalist Kathy with her more low orientated voice, also playing the guitar. Together with keybordplayer Magali they create a real own sound. They are dynamic on stage due to the diversity in their music. From grunts to more clean vocal parts all mixed with some uptempo drums and guitars. A band who has the potency to be a unic band in the gothmetal scene, what is not easy nowadays.


They stood on the first Metal Female Voices edition and also this year they performed on this festival. After all those years they have a real fanbase in Belgium. It helps when you play a bit later on a festival, because the audience is getting more and more into the show: the excitement is there. Even more now,  because until the last minute it is not clear if they are arrived. Finally at the very last moment they enter the stage.

In a hurry without any soundcheck and in a hectic situation they enter the stage. Apparently quiet, but inside of every member the adrenaline is there. All the members are immediatly in the show, without any hesitation. The voice of Nienke is clear and the sound is really good. The grunts of Meindert are more present in the mix, what makes it more dynamic and heavy. The  keyboardparts are not drown by the guitars and drums. The light is better then before, less red and more green. There is a good balance in the music: non of the instruments are dominant or disturbing the voice of Nienke.

01. Intro
02. The Coven
03. Silent Madness
04. The Green Angel
05. Gallery Of Reality
06. Whispering Secrets
07. Vision Red
08. Premeditated Dying
09. Mirrors Magic Sight
10. This Night
11. Summers End

It seems that the adreline is a good expedient to get the show on a higher level. From the beginning till the end all the energy is there and that also reflects on the audience. Many people in the front are singing along, waving with their hands and supporting them. So there is enough interaction between the members and the audience. Nienke is not really making contact with them, but takes her time to thank the organisation and Philty. She moves a lot and seems to be in a hurry to play a uptempo set. Meindert is the most peaceful person in the front of the stage. He is calm when he comes in with some heavy grunts. Next to him there is Mats who really seems to have his own party, making funny faces and making contact with ‘his’ part of the audience. Now and then walking to the other side where his brother Jens is headbanging with a dynamic energy. The backing vocals of Jens are good to hear and makes the show more dynamic. After all a very explosive gig in every way.

Music 8
Performance 8
Light 7
Sound 7
Total: 8 (7.8)

Holy Moses

The most heavy band on this festival. Holy Moses is a German band with their roots in the trashmetal. The vocals of Sabina Classen is for sure the trademark of the band. They stood on the Wacken festival this year, but this audience will be a new experience for them. No real metal fans, but more the gothic orientated audience.

Their new record ”Strength Power Will Passion” is out. From the first second it is clear that this band will blow away everyone with their heavy sound. The sound is very loud, but the voice Sabine is loud enough to surpass the heavy sound of the guitars and the fast drumparts. Their drumsound is really technical and strickt: a good base for the more melodic guitars. The voice of Sabina is able to hold one’s own agains the men vocalists in the trashmetal like Mille from Kreator. Her grunts are deep and aggressive, raw also, but not in an irritating way. It is amazing to see that she has the power to continue that the whole gig.

They are the co-headliner together with Epica and the whole band makes a party on stage. Sabina enters the stage in a long black coat with a traditional demin jacket with a lot of patches. Songs from the new re-released debut “Queens of Siam” are played with a lot of passion and many fans in the front are happy to hear some divers material of the band. There is a lot of interaction between the bandmembers and Sabine even get some people on stage to sing along with her. The good mood is there and it is for sure that they all can make a nice party, even the gothic orientated people can stand the music. That has to deal with the fact that Sabine is really natural on stage and she is a very open and enthousiastic person.

Music 7
Performance 8
Light 7
Sound 5
Total: 7 (7.3)


They just a week back from their tour in Spain, Portugal and Switserland. Then it must be strange to be back on ‘own’ ground again. Altough they are a dutch band, there is one Belgium member: the bassplayer Yves Huts. From the beginning that helped for Epica to get a real fanbase here. Also they stole the hart of Philty and Val from the Metal Organisation: and the fairytale is there.

A new drumkit, guitars and the biggest backdrop of the evening. Epica is the real headliner with all the professionality included. The sound is really good during their gig: well balanced, Simone is good to hear and also the grunts of Mark are very heavy. Then there are the keys also good to hear in combination with the guitars. The new drumsound of Jeroen is more light and gives a new dimension on the livesound of Epica. Simones voice is very clear and her technics are really good at the moment. The balade ‘Trois Vierges’ is played live on stage for the first time. No frontman from Kamelot, but Ricardo from The Legion Of Hetheria. His vocals are not so dynamic, but Simone managed to make the song more dynamic.

01. Hunab K’u
02. Mother of Light
03. Sensorium
04. Cry For The Moon
05. Illusive Concensus
06. The Last Cursade
07. Trois Vierges
08. Blank Infinity
09. Seif al Din
10. Façade of Reality
11. Quietus
12. Phantom Agony
13. Consign To Oblivion

It is good to see that this gothmetal band toured a lot: they have the experience how to act on stage and also still have the energy to make it unique. It isn’t routine at all. Impressive when you imagine that they almost played 200 gigs. Simone is moving very natural on stage and really makes contact with the audience. With a big smile she react on the enthousiastic audience. The whole band is happy to perform here and with a big thankfull to Philty and a hug they confirm the special chemistry between them. The emotions are really there and that makes the whole gig more special: the audience feels that also. Guitarplayer Ad (in his catchy trousers) is running around and really moves a lot. Coen behind his keybords is really having an own party going on: headbanging, screaming and in trance. Epica  proved that they can handle it to be a real headliner.

Music 9
Performance 8
Light 8
Sound 7
Total: 8 (8.3)

I want to thank the whole Metal Organisation crew for their good work. Most of all Philty and Val for making those festivals possible and the warm welcome.
Copyright pictures: all taken by Erik Schepers

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