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inflames sirencharms
Artist: In Flames
Title: Siren Charms
Genre: Melodic Metal/ Alternative Metal
Release Date: 5th September 2014
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

IN FLAMES is one of the best known Scandinavian bands, on the scene from 1990 and they’re about to add eleventh albums to their name with ‘Siren Charms’. The album kicks off with ‘In Plain View’, a ferocious song that feels anthemic though at the same time it’s not so easy to pin it as such. ‘Everything Is Gone’ is even darker with the notes steeped into lower registers, speedier and menacing. Fridén’s voice even manages to get out of being very pleasant and eternally youthful that it usually is. After these songs ‘Siren Charms’ settles into more melodic and catchy waters. They’re really good songs, but... they’re like a good marriage but where passion is slowly exiting the room.

With exception of the album titled ‘Siren Charms’ that has interesting beginning, good narrative, great contrast between softer and harder passages and a wider and more complicated range of emotions or the end-song surprise in ‘When World Explodes’ that seemed to be a predictable number to start off with. And perhaps ‘Rusted Nail’ can stake its claim to standing out with being à la CHASTAIN and the rest of the ‘80’s hair bands. But by and by the album passes with no great impact even if it’s obvious how skilled and excellent IN FLAMES are musically. Creatively it’s just not going to wow me beyond saying it’s a good album, but one I’m not going to be returning to that often, if at all.


01. In Plain View
02. Everything Is Gone
03. Paralysed
04. Through Oblivion
05. With Eyes Wide Open
06. Siren Charms
07. When The World Explodes
08. Rusted Nail
09. Dead Eyes
10. Monsters In The Ballroom
11. Filtered Truth


Anders Fridén – lead vocals
Björn Gelotte – guitar, drums
Peter Iwers – bass
Daniel Svensson – drums
Niclas Engelin – guitar

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inflames sirencharms


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


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