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Title: Hatebreed
Artist: Hatebreed
Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Release Date: 2nd October 2009
Label: Roadrunner

Album Review

HATEBREED's a well renowned hardcore punk act straight out of Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. Aside from their hardcore legion of fans, this Grammy Award-nominee has gone through 15 years of brutality long hours on the road, numerous meet-and-greet sessions, countless touring - this is the whole works what keeps these hardcore metallers alive and well? Numerous fans of course have been by HATEBREED’s side since day one.

But what makes HATEBREED so memorable anyways? Is it the attitude, appeal, or the well crafted music? It’d have to be all of the above if you ask me, blend together raw intense attitude, mix together your average take on clothing appeal and then throw in some upbeat and catchy tones to throw it off balance creates an ever-lasting creation of tunes worthy of listening to. That brings us to HATEBREED’s fifth LP to date. This one is the “self-titled” album - now this can be a good thing or a bad thing. It all narrows down to the band of course, a handful can pull it off but we all know HATEBREED’s capabilities.

When it comes to breaking it all down this 15-tracks (15 year anniversary go figure) out you get thrown your basics tunes created by HATEBREED having front man Jamey Jasta do his routine of screaming and shouting his lungs out through the music pulsing out balancing out atop the music being played behind his vocal chords. The guitars and drums play off this fast pacing energy rhythm that overlaps the music creating more of this over dramatic tone encouraging the music to play out accordingly but doesn’t seem to impact the overall effect.

‘Between Hell and a Heartbeat’, ‘Every Lasting Scar’ along with ‘As Damaged as Me’ set up the music to bring out HATEBREED 's more classer musical styles that uplift the music more allowing a return to the past but maintains to establish a more modern but new style that overpasses it all when it’s all said and done.


01. Become the Fuse
02. Not My Master
03. Between Hell and a Heartbeat
04. In Ashes They Shall Reap
05. Hands of a Dying Man
06. Everyone Bleeds Now
07. No Halos for the Heartless
08. Through the Thorns
09. Every Lasting Scar
10. As Damaged as Me
11. Words Became Untruth
12. Undiminished
13. Merciless Tide
14. Pollution of the Soul
15. Escape (Metallica Cover) (New Diehard Edit)


Jamey Jasta
Wayne Lozinak
Frank Novinec
Chris Beattie
Matt Byrne

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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