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novaspes lebenistkrieg
Artist: Nova-Spes
Title: Leben ist Krieg
Genre: Synthpop
Release Date: 7th September 2012
Label: Danse Macabre

Album Review

When another musician buys a computer or some soft, I think there should be a note saying “Congratulations, my little friend, now you are a proud owner of this great machine”, because sometimes it seems that those musicians just want to play around with a funny toy and don’t take it serious at all. It was said thousands of times, and even if there’s no obvious point to say it again, it will never be enough: Having a computer with musical soft doesn’t make you a musician. And this is all about ‘Leben ist Krieg’ (Life is War) by NOVA-SPES. If this record would be made by the only person, it would be possible to excuse the subject individual vision. But it was done by three grown up men and released by a proper label. So, no mercy will follow. For decades already such people as guys from NOVA-SPES are used to be called “musicians” and the set of sounds they make is called “music”. Basically, it is correct, but it is necessary to find the new description.

Even having a million possibilities to create a unique combination of the sounds people still manage to get bored with it and release standard beats and sound sequences. But NOVA-SPES went further; they even put an “instrumental” track on their album. Wow! Really?! Another point is vocals. A lot of people have voice and are able to speak, but there are just some people who are able to sing or perform. Let’s leave it this way. I find it pity that it is necessary to explain what bonuses a banal vocal/music lesson could bring to a “musician”. Unfortunately, the brightest thought the guys could underline in their lyrics is “Leben ist Krieg”, so they even titled their album this way. Booooriiing! Don’t get me wrong, I love it when people are encouraged to create and to make music. But you shouldn’t say something like “over the years the band developed its own sound”. This band doesn’t have “its own sound”. So keep trying, experimenting and listening to DEPECHE MODE.


01. Fire
02. Leben ist Krieg
03. I want...
04. Nach vorn
05. Burnout
06. Always death
07. Perfect days
08. Machines in front
09. Hide our malice
10. F... shit
11. On the way to...
12. ...genocide
13. Wir stehlen euch die Zeit
14. Lose control Bonus (Hidden track)


Matthias Hübner (music, words, vocals)
Steffen Pöhler (keys)
Peter Walter (keys)

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novaspes lebenistkrieg


Music: 3
Sound: 3
Total: 3 / 10

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