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missconstruction unitedtrash
Artist: Miss Construction
Title: United Trash (The Z Files)
Genre: Electro / Industrial
Release Date: 2nd November 2013
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

MISS CONSTRUCTION is the funniest Electro-project ever. Looking at all the Pohl's projects, I question the choice of public in favour of BLUTENGEL. Yes, this project is great as well, has a style and pretty girls in it, but how come is it better than dirty meaningless sexy industrial? MISS CONSTRUCTION is a great shut for those who takes industrial too serious. The project is already a supporting acts for such bands as HOCICO and COMBICHRIST, who actually have a great sense of humour as well.

Chris Pohl is a genius. No news here, he just proves it with each record. And he is surrounded with the right people to support his ideas. Like Gordon Mocznay. Since TERMINAL CHOICE has been taking a break and TUMOR was officially shut down Pohl redirected his electro-fantasies in this absolutely charming industrial zombie porno chaos. And who could figure out that the frontman of one of the main gothic vampire act BLUTENGEL is that funny? Although the release of the second studio album took a while. It has less tracks as the debut album 'Kunstprodukt', and there are some zombie-tracks like reworked 'F**k Me Too' which is called 'Discoschlampen' or a demo record from 2009. This album did not reach the level of the previous one, but it is still full of good industrial and irony. So this is really kind of infection you can't resist. Porn, stupid dancing and creepy zombie stuff are welcome.


01. Inconstruction
02. I'm a Bitch
03. Alptraumclown
04. EBM
05. Tanzen
06. Fest
07. Zombiefied 2013
08. Electrotanz
09. S & M
10. Hey, Zombie, Hey
11. Discoschlampen (Reworked)
12. Skalpell
13. Don't Be Sad
14. Massagger (Demo 2009)


Gordon Mocznay
Chris Pohl

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missconstruction unitedtrash


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Total: 7 / 10

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