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Interview with

Gordon Mocznay from Miss Construction

Only few weeks left till Electronic Dance Art Festival and we have one more interview, that you will not bored till this day.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Not so long ago your new video ‘Electrotanz’ came out. It seems to be rather positive and also reveals that excessive enthusiasm for zombies nowadays… How did the shooting process go? Why did you decide to make a video clip for this song?
Gordon: The song ‘Electrotanz’ is simply "superhot" and just meant to make a video for it. I love zombies and I think they are underestimated. So with this video I wanted to bring them back to the light. Everything worked perfectly... The making of the video was also super fun... Fortunately nobody has seen us behind the house...

RoD: Five years after the release of ‘Kunstprodukt’ you presented your new creation ‘United Trash - The Z Files’. Why did it take so long? Can we say that these releases have a controversial concept or these are two different sides of the same coin?
missconstruction2014 02Gordon: We are working on several fronts, Chris has a lot to do with BLUTENGEL and as for me, I do not live only with the music, so still working on many other non-musical things, that’s why it has taken a bit longer... We worked from time to time on a new material but you cannot divide yourself into parts... But the things with which you spend longer time are usually much better... What you currently can hear on the new album...

RoD: How was ‘United Trash’ appreciated by the audience?
Gordon: After five years, it is difficult to get back to the scene, but I think with our VIRUS ‘United Trash’ we managed to infect people and convince them... But we don't want to customize, and do the stuff which is currently popular, we want to do the stuff that we personally like.

RoD: Who is responsible for the cover arts of ‘Kunstprodukt’ and ‘United Trash - The Z Files’? They look cool by the way.
Gordon: The cover of the album ‘Kunstprodukt’ was made by Annie Bertram, the house photographer of BLUTENGEL. As for the ‘United Trash’ album, I also took part in the making of the cover picture as it was made according to my idea. The photo shooting for that cover was also very, very funny and a little bit bloody... Just a little bit…

RoD: First fetishism and BDSM, now zombies, what will follow? With which topic will MISS CONSTRUCTION play next?
Gordon: It’s a very good question… But I think we will find something beautiful for playing… Maybe a fish or a butterfly...?!?!?!?!? ;-)

RoD: It is hard to compare MISS CONSTRUCTION with any other bands or projects. Which bands could you call your "stage colleagues" based on music style?
missconstruction2014 05Gordon: And it is good though, it was planned to be so... As many musicians are too serious about their music and it must always be absolutely diabolical or display some important event in their life that does not interest anyone... So we are alone, absolutely crazy and have fun with it... I really cannot find any band or project with which I could compare us... We are unique...

RoD: So, we come back to the ‘Electrotanz’ video. Your work reminds me of such hieratic trash horror movies as Braindead, classic Night of the Living Dead. Have you ever thought of making a soundtrack to a horror movie or have you ever received any offers to do so?
Gordon: I personally have not think about that. It is not my cup of tea. But Chris has started work with THE LONELY SOUL EXPERIENCE, it’s a soundtrack project.

RoD: What are the sources of inspiration for MISS CONSTRUCTION? The above mentioned trash horror movies? Porn? Post-apocalyptic literature?
Gordon: Yes, definitely, such movies play an important role. I like to watch horror / zombie movies. Information from which I can then recycle... Our stage scenes for example should remind of ‘The Cave of Horror’ from the '80s or the wings of the old theatre. I think that we have got it...

RoD: Does MISS CONSTRUCTION plan to collaborate with other projects?
Gordon: Nothing is planned, but it is possible to assume something in this direction. I can imagine working with Erk from HOCICO.

RoD: Speaking of other projects. Are there any bands or releases you would call a "revelation" for you?
missconstruction2014 04Gordon: I must confess that I do not buy any music albums for a long time. I think the last CD was the album of NINE INCH NAILS. I do not listen to a lot of music, give preference to the audio plays, such as John Sinclair or Dorain Hunter...

RoD: What are your plans for the future? How do you see MISS CONSTRUCTION in, let's say, 10 years?
Gordon: We are already working on new material. But as people say: slow and steady wins the race... We need to modify our virus thoroughly... Next epidemic should break with a mighty blow, and the virus should spread further/ In 10 years I see myself still standing on the stage, but with a lot of these flaps of skin on my face...

RoD: You plan a performance on Electronic Dance Art Festival – what do you expect from this festival? In particular, from audience? Will you prepare some surprises for your fans?
Gordon: At this time, we are on tour with AGONIZE and only by coincidence we are coming in the Electronic Dance Art Festival line-up... It's not so easy today for a small band to get the concerts... But we are extremely pleased that this time it happened... We hope that it will be a lot of fun... And for the audience too...

RoD: And a few words to our readers?
Gordon: Zombiefied World Wide and fun with it

Electronic Dance Art Festival (29.12.2014): 

Written by Daria Szegeda & Viola Noir (Ukrainian Gothic Portal). The Russian version of the article is available here.

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