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madsen 10jahremadsenlive
Artist: Madsen
Title: 10 Jahre MADSEN Live
Genre: Indie Rock
Release Date: 13th June 2014
Label: Sony Music

Album Review

Have a look at the album cover and you will immediately know the kind of music on the latest album of the German Indie-Rock band MADSEN. The four guys, of which three of them are brothers, started to make music in 2004. Now 10 years later, the time has come for them to celebrate their career with a live album compilation of the songs performed in several locations in Hamburg. But there is consolation for the fans of MADSEN, who have not been in Hamburg. While listening to the album, you have the feeling of being where the action is and not on the side-lines. MADSEN is one of the bands who are able to rock the stage and know how to carry away the audience by their energetic and powerful rock sounds.

The refreshingly authentic lyrics stay in mind immediately and the song melodies have the potential to become catchy tunes which you can sing along to after having listened to them a few times. The stage performance, as far as it can be assessed, is very energetic and intoxicating. The MADSEN guys know how to interact with the audience and animate them to rock along - obviously quite successful: The people, probably most of them fans, know every song by heart and often sing whole passages of the lyrics on their own.

All in all, this anniversary album of MADSEN is a must-have for fans as well as for lovers of good handmade German Indie-Rock who want to get to know the (live) spirit of MADSEN. They are the likeable next-door guys, down-to-earth, just like their music.


01. Intro
02. Vielleicht
03. Die Perfektion
04. Diese Kinder
05. Panik
06. Ein Sturm
07. Goodbye Logik feat. Porky von Deichkind
08. Durch die Wüste
09. Nachtbaden
10. Nitro feat. König Boris
11. Vollidiot
12. Kein Weg zu weit
13. Kein Mann für eine Nacht
01. Intro
02. Labyrinth
03. Mein Herz bleibt hier
04. Mit dem Moped nach Madrid
05. Du schreibst Geschichte
06. Berlin, was willst du von mir?
07. Wo es beginnt
08. Baut wieder auf
09. Lass die Musik an
10. So cool bist du nicht
11. Love is a Killer
12. Alarm im Paradies
13. Nachtbaden (Reprise)


Johannes Madsen – guitar, vocals
Sebastian Madsen – vocals, guitar
Sascha Madsen – drums, vocals
Niko Maurer – bass


Cover Picture

madsen 10jahremadsenlive


Music: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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