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nitzerebb byKarolinaKratochwil05Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
7th January 2023
Nitzer Ebb & Front 242 - “Join the Forces” Tour - Special Guest: Liebknecht

I am rarely so enthusiastic, but after the concerts from the Berlin leg of the “Join the Forces” tour, there is only one thing that comes to my mind - it was a spectacular, completely unique event! Absolutely amazing concerts, the one-of-a-kind atmosphere - a real celebration of music! On this (fairly warm) January evening, Columbiahalle turned into one big dancing, enthusiastic cluster of musical fireworks, and I think if you took the energy generated by the artists and the gathered crowd, it might have lit up the whole of Berlin. Until the morning.

“Join the Forces” tour is scheduled for five more European cities - with the final in April in Stockholm. EBM giants FRONT 242 and NITZER EBB with amazing support by Daniel Myer’s project LIEBKNECHT gave a show to remember. Suffice it to say that both bands shared the tour for the first time and indeed the accumulation of high-quality sounds was overwhelming. A real treat for the fans and a rare concert gem. I do not remember such compressed energy, the perfection of the performance, energetic kicks, and the enthusiastic reaction of the audience in the form of pure, unrestraint joy. The clash of these two forces - the reaction of the public and the artistic energy were like pure adrenaline and sonic nitro. Beautiful concerts! The club filled up to the ceiling, and the energy of people was simply sparkling.


The LIEBKNECHT project was the first to appear on the stage. It was quite a short, but nevertheless, very intense, energetic set combining the mastery of electronic sounds and amazing dynamics and sparkling power of each perfectly refined melodic line. The thrilling beat, hypnotic, trance base seasoned in a fantastic, sharp way gave amazing effect. Daniel Myer and Rinaldo Bite provided a fantastic opening to a beautiful evening indeed. At the end, the band DIE SELEKTION joined the project on stage.

liebknecht byKarolinaKratochwil04

01. Köln
02. Danzig
03. Essex
04. Barcelona
05. Oberhausen
06. Voula
07. Dust
08. Schatten (Die Selektion)

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Light: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9 / 10

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Front 242

Certain kinds of concerts are simply unforgettable and the one performed by FRONT 242 was certainly one of them. I saw the band quite a long time ago, so refreshing the impression they make was an amazing experience. The gentlemen appeared on a darkened stage with black and white visualizations in the back, shining flashlights toward the audience, and in such a way they began their incredibly energetic show. In fact, for most of the concert (during which I danced almost nonstop) - if I ever thought about something, it was definitely the question coming to my mind - WHERE do the gentlemen get such amazing energy from? Watching them dance, sing and cheer the audience to have fun was incredibly inspiring, but also amazing.

front242 byKarolinaKratochwil31

A beautiful play of lights, a flawless setlist, a brilliant pace of the whole concert - it would be really hard not to succumb to this magic. A brilliant beat, top-class sounds, and a sensational atmosphere that engaged the audience to share these moments were like the best champagne shot. Beautiful show, bravo!

01. First In/First Out
02. Take One
03. Don’t Crash
04. Funkahdafi
05. Generator
06. Quite Unusual
07. Soul Manager
08. Commando Mix
09. Red Team
10. Deeply Asleep
11. Operating Tracks
12. Tragedy >For You<
13. Fix It
14. Headhunter
15. W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. / U-Men
16. Moldavia
17. Agressiva
18. Welcome to Paradise

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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Nitzer Ebb

The absolute highlight and icing on the cake was, of course, the performance of NEP - this time with Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris, and David Gooday. Let me tell you this: it was a sonic deadly shot set straight to our hearts and minds. Complete sonic destruction, musical smash, hellish ride, and sweat. The energy of the artists is simply amazing and as breath-taking as are their hits which simply make the body dance or at least move. Electric drills down one’s spine, pure joy, and adrenaline. What an experience! Brilliant melodic lines, beat, and rhythm were intertwined in such a perfectly danceable way that it is not surprising that during the years they became real evergreens that evoke emotions and delight through audiences throughout the world.

nitzerebb byKarolinaKratochwil24

NEP is, of course, also a lesson on what stage charisma is. Both, Bon Harris and Douglas McCarthy, charm and hypnotize the audience to the extent that it’s hard to take eyes off them. The very appearance of Douglas on stage with the first song ‘Control I’m Here’ electrified the audience. The chanting, waving crowd was like a great sea of energy directed towards the stage - an amazing moment! Douglas and Bon present a slightly different stage manner - cooler, hypnotic, sharper, and sensual of the former and dynamic, joyful, and thrilling of the latter. The gentlemen complement each other on stage in a wonderful way, simply creating an explosive mix.

nitzerebb byKarolinaKratochwil11

During the concert, the long-unheard pieces ‘Payroll’ and ‘Get Clean’ were presented; ‘Getting Closer’ or ‘Join in the Chant’ evoked a collective dance madness, and ‘Captivate’ or ‘Coma Alive’ were just like sonic sex, pheromones, and emotional bulldozer. NEP have mastered hard-hitting, energetic, dancy quality with sensual and sexy to give irresistible effect. During this concert, you could feel the joy of the people participating in this concert, the full professionalism of the musicians, and amazing, almost uncontrollable outbursts of enthusiasm among the audience. An incredibly powerful, incredible, unforgettable experience that fuelled my emotional batteries. Thank you!

nitzerebb byKarolinaKratochwil25

01. Control I’m Here
02. Hearts and Minds
03. Payroll
04. For Fun
05. Get Clean
06. Captivate
07. Getting Closer
08. Lightning Man
09. Come Alive
10. Shame
11. Join in the Chant
12. Let Your Body Learn
13. Murderous
14. I Give to You

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Light: 10
Sound: 10
Total: 10 / 10

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  • nitzerebb_byKarolinaKratochwil20
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All pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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