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Title: Tohuvabohu
Genre: Electro Rock
Release Date: 24th August 2007
Label: Metropolis Records


KMFDM are more than 20 years in the business right now. The band was founded in Germany in the year 1984 and created an uncommon mixture by combining techno / dance with Heavy Metal. Since then they gathered a strong fan-base from all over the world around them. In their 23rd year now, the band around Sascha Konitzko (Käpt'n K) returns with a new album, called 'Tohuvabohu'. The term refers to the Old Testament and means 'wild and chaotic'.


Sascha Konitzko - Vocals, Synths, Bass, Programming and Percussion
Lucia Cifarelli - Vocals
Jules Hodgsen - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Andy Selway - Drums and cymbals
Steve White - Guitar, Amp, Laptop

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Track Review

01. Super Power - 4:16
The album opener starts with a lightly distorted voice sample. These are the voices from fans all over the world, who could call KMFDM during the creation process of the album. Then the restrained drums and bass appear, before the drums and heavy guitar riffs kick in. During the verses, the voice is very low while it grows more powerful in the chorus. Later in the song you can also hear a guitar solo and also some orchestral parts and organ sounds are added.

02. Looking for Strange - 5:17
This track is a little bit faster and the vocals are now performed by Miss Cifarelli and Käpt’n K together. It begins again with strange voice sample that I can't understand while the electronic drums slowly fading in. The vocals in the chorus are performed by the female singer only accompanied by a minimal beats and some guitar riffs appearing here and there. Everything culminates up in an energetic chorus with the two vocalists performing together accentuated by guitar riffs.

03. Tohuvabohu - 5:19
The title giving track of the album a little bit faster than the previous. A constant speed-up, I guess. We have a really fast drum arrangement here and the vocals are performed in a quite different way than in the previous tracks. They are sounding fuller and more melodic. In the bridge we also hear some Latin “ex nihilo, alea iacta est”.

04. I Am what I am - 4:52
'I am what I am' works with some nice rhythmical and tempo changes, starting with complex arranged drums and sampled guitars at the beginning. It also works for the first time on this album, with some pad as far as I could hear that. The leading voice of the female singer sounds very angry in the verses, and is very processed. The tempo changes from slow to a faster kind, when the very energetic chorus tarts.

05. Saft und Kraft - 4:35
It gets very fast now. I guess this is a song that's perfect for head banging and will be well rewarded by the audience, when played live. This time real drums are used and the drum player knows how to torture them. The song is full of double-bass attacks as well as some drum and guitar solos. On top of it all is the powerful vocal performance of Käpt’n K.

06. Headcase - 3:56
A very beat driven song again, where once again, Lucia is performing the leading vocals. The drums are this time much more layered than in the previous tracks and there are some nice sounds in the background here and there. The vocals sound very angry again. This is because the voice is processed with distortion again.

07. Los Niňos Del Parque - 3:57
The title of this song is, obviously I guess, in Spanish and so are the whole lyrics in this song, which will be repeated over and over again like a conjuration. Just at the beginning the singer is counting in German “1, 2, 3, 4, 5”. This is a very danceable mid-tempo track this time that has a quite strong beat and heavy guitar-riffs and will therefore be a very good tune for the clubs.

08. Not in my Name - 4:50
The next track goes nearly in the same direction and has changed again. The tempo is quite the same but it has a distorted bass line this time, the vocals of Lucia in the strophe are clean, what sounds much better than the experiments with the distortion, in my opinion. While singing, her voice is just underlined by some pads and is lightly processed with some reverb. The mood changes again in the chorus, where the chant gets very angry and distorted.

09. Spit or Swallow - 4:11
A mid tempo track... again, but it's nevertheless a very energetic and powerful track that surely will fill the dance floor. Hard hitting beats are combined with the guitar riffs that are very dominant this time. You can also hear some noises and effects in the background, but the focus is more on the guitars this time.

10. Fait Accompli - 5:05
A very strange title in my opinion, but let's get to the song. It's a very organic sounding rock song this time. The electronic effects stepped in the background on this track. You can here them here and there, of course. The chant of Lucia is totally clean this time and I must admit, I really like that voice, but only without distortion. :-)

11. Burnaye - 4:45
We're already close to the end of this album. 'Burnaye' starts with a classical arrangement that suddenly stops, when the beat starts and the chant begins. The lyrics are performed in English and German. If I compare it to the other songs on the album, this is by far the calmest of them. It has more atmosphere and melody despite the guitar riffs and is therefore an unusual finisher for this album.

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5


With 'Tohuvabohu', KMFDM created an album that is very energetic and powerful with heavy riffs most of the time, but it has also some calmer moments. 'Burnaye' is a good example for that. I admit that I can't grow warm with the Voice of Käpt’n K, but I really like Lucia’s vocals, especially when they aren't distorted but I mentioned that one or two times before. Overall I think it's an album that has some really good songs but it's nothing ground breaking. That is just my opinion and is - as always - a matter of taste.


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