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Factory, Magdeburg
14th September 2007
NEGATIVE, Day Eleven

To be honest, listening to them on CD, I wasn’t really excited about the concert but I really wanted to see what NEGATIVE can do live on stage. So, we went to the Factory that night and we saw many fans waiting in front of the doors hoping they would open soon.

Day Eleven

“DAY ELEVEN are a 5 piece group from Tampere, Finland who combine an uncompromising attitude with a musically open mind to create a sound truly their own. This band with their roots planted in the '90s' grunge rock scene comes at you with a unique sound containing shades of the energy of punk rock, the harmony from the darker side of pop mixed with a big, in-your-face blast of heavy guitars. The band started more than 10 years ago when the guys were enjoying their teenage years, but the actual starting point for DAY ELEVEN was 2003. A year of 250 days spent recording and studying the sound resulted in a partnership with the independent label GBfam Records Finland. The band’s debut album ‘Almost Over Everything’ was recorded and mixed over various sessions from March 2004 to March 2005, and has so far been released in Australia, Ukraine and Belarus in addition to Finland.”

They remind of SHINEDOWN, a band I absolutely love and so, the music they played was really my style. I enjoyed listening to them as they changed from slow and silent songs to really fast and loud songs. I really liked the guitar solos they had; it was a pleasure listening to them that night. His voice dominated in all of the songs and the instruments were not able to push him down which was really great because that way, his voice was almost like a layer that always flew above the others. It gave a real nice impression to the whole 30 minutes they played Friday night. After all, this opening band wasn’t the best I’ve ever heard in my life but I liked listening to them.

I think, nobody has ever heard of them before but everybody was guessing that the music that had been played via the amps was produced and played by them. And the audience was right. The band entered the stage and the crowd - which wasn’t really a crowd with its maybe 200 people standing in front of them - screamed, willing to see them perform. And they started out quite slow and then his voice came in and it totally blew me away. He was always moving on stage - just like the other guys from the band - and you could feel his energy. Although he was jumping around like a punching ball, he didn’t really seem to care about the audience, I thought. I guess, only the guitarist of the band really put all his passion in this performance.

Music 8
Performance 6
Lights 6
Sound 6
Total 6.8


With two Finnish gold albums and singles, radio hits and successful tours in Europe and Asia under its belt, NEGATIVE has released its third album ‘Anorectic’. NEGATIVE played their first real shows in 1998. After getting the current line-up together things started to fall into place like a true rock and roll dream. NEGATIVE signed a record deal with Tampere-based GBfam Records in 2002 and started the recordings of their debut, ‘War of Love’, with producer Lex Luthor at Cosmic studios.

A friend of mine showed me the band a couple of months ago, maybe even a year, and I wasn’t really convinced by their music as it was on CD but I wanted to see how they’ll do live and so, I went to the concert and I’m happy I did that because their music is live so much better as it is on CD. They were much heavier and Jonne’s voice was much better. During this concert he showed us all of the different sequences in his voice, from really low to really high what was amazing to listen to.

NEGATIVE played for a little more than 90 minutes and they showed us different songs, some from the new album, some from the past. They also had some breaks between the songs which gave some room to breathe because the fans were constantly trying to get closer to the stage which was weird because they were only a few rows and so, almost everybody was standing close to the stage. It almost was kind of a little family enjoying the concert which gave a real special feeling to it. Too bad that the sound was just awful! It sounded like some kind of instrument just completely turned off. It just didn’t sound right. All in all, you could say that this evening was an evening of surprises. I didn’t really know how NEGATIVE can be when they perform on stage. They also showed their human side and I’m sure, that Friday night is something I won’t forget that fast!

The lights flashed off, the fans started screaming and some strange music turned on. You had the feeling, you were on some kind of circus event but no, you were just visiting a NEGATIVE concert. One band member after another entered the stage and the show began. They all looked kinda weird; especially Sir Christus (guitar) looked really funny dressed in all pink that night. The microphone stand of Jonne Aaron (vocals) had some kind of glittery and silver scarves on it, so it looked kinda weird too. Looking at the whole band just partying all the time on stage, you could feel the fun they had performing in front of this little group of fans. We also had 2 female fans who were sitting in a wheelchair and Jonne always tried to kind of give them a special attention because they were really rocking the whole show. It was really nice to see that the band isn’t that up high in the clouds that they wouldn’t appreciate those fans.

Their whole performance was kind of special because they always talked to the fans and made jokes on their band members. The whole concert was just really funny and it was really great to look in their faces and seeing the smiles on their faces. It really showed that they enjoyed the concert very much which also was noticeable by looking into the fans eyes.

01. Intro
02. Misery
03. Swans
04. My my - Hey hey
05. Frozen
06. Misty Morning
07. Glory of shame
08. Secret Forgiveness
09. A song for the broken Hearted
10. One last shot
11. Planet of the Sun
12. Moment
13. Fading Yourself
14. Until You're mine
15. Embracing Past
16. Naive
17. In my Heaven

Music 8
Performance 9
Lights 8
Sound 5
Total 7.9

All pictures by Anne Kuhfuß

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