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Matrix, Bochum, Germany
5th October 2010

NEGATIVE, founded in 1997 in Tampere, goes a different path from other Finnish bands with their approach to glam rock. The first album ‘War of Love’ already was certified gold in their native and the second one ‘Sweet & Deceitful’ from 2004 even climbed up to the pole position of the Finnish charts. That album also was the start of their story of success in Germany and with every new album they’d release, their popularity was to grow and expand to entire Europe and even Japan. With ‘Neon’, their most recent album, released in June 2010 they’re continuing on their successful way. NEGATIVE is Jonne Aaron Liimatainen (lead vocals), Larry Love (guitar), Antti Anatomy (bass), Mr. Snack/Nakki (keyboard, vocals) and Jay Slammer (drums). /

Music & Performance
Actually, me - like many others - had expected there to be a support band introducing us to the evening, but when we were there in front of the stage it didn’t look like it, really. So we were waiting quite a bit until at 8.50 PM finally the orchestral introduction sounded, coinciding with the band walking in on stage under thunderous applause. The show started right afterwards with ‘Won’t Let Go’ and the ladies in the audience were with front man Jonne right away, nearly eating from the palm of his hand which at the time was busy holding the microphone while he was swirling around on stage. With the following ‘The Moment Of Our Love’ I had the constant feeling of having heard that spherical arrangement somewhere else before, but couldn’t figure out where. In the meantime, the audience was encouraged to wave all their hands.

‘Giving Up’ came up with a strong bass fundament and had in stock for the ladies a few hip shakes of Jonne and like on a silent command screams sounded. With the fourth song followed the opener of the current album ‘Neon’, called’ No One Can Save Me Tonight’. Someone tells me none of the persons in front of the stage wanted any saving. The vocal performance on ‘Blood On Blood’ indeed had something BON JOVI-esque to it, but the audience didn’t care too much about that I assume since being all drowned in the melodies and captivated by the front man’s stage presence. Only the announcement of the next song, ‘After All’ by the guitar chords was enough to get the crowd into rapture and they danced and sung as the song really got rolling. Like I expected everything got a big celebration that was rewarded in the end with a 3-track encore to please even the hardest craving fans. But they were all pleased way before the show which wouldn’t e the last for some of them wanting to catch all the dates in Germany.

01. Won’t Let Go
02. The Moment Of Our Love
03. Giving Up
04. No One Can Save Me Tonight
05. Blood On Blood
06. My My/Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)
07. Motherfucker (Just Like You)
08. After All
09. In My Heaven
10. Since You’ve Been Gone
11. Never-ending Parade
12. Fucking Worthless
13. Jealous Sky
14. End Of The Line
15. Planet Of The Sun
16. Frozen To Loose It All
17. Love That I Lost
18. Sinner’s Night / Misty Morning

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7.3 / 10

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /

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