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Tochka Club & 1Rock, Moscow, Russia
16th and 17th October 2009

This autumn, LACRIMOSA’s fans rejoiced: the band came to Moscow with the presentation of the new album ‘Sehnsucht’ and traditionally gave two concerts so more people could enjoy the live performance of their idols.

16th October 2009, Tochka Club

The queue in the street was so long that it seemed the club simply wouldn’t withstand such an inrush of fans. But it was just an illusion and in an hour or so, the main part of the people was already inside - the more the merrier. In the hall one could see a nontrivial picture: instead of the front man Tilo Wolff, there stood a screen monitor on the stage. What for? Everyone was lost in guesses but the one thing was clear: the band definitely prepared a surprise for the audience.

The concert started with the well-known ‘Intro’, cold as alpine air and tragic as the name “Lacrimosa” itself. And the musicians came to the stage, but the vocalist was missing. The following song ‘Die Sehnsucht in mir’, the first track from the new album, revealed the truth: Tilo was shown on the monitor and sang the first verse standing backstage. After that the equipment was hastily removed and the icon of gothic metal appeared before the fans. The concert had begun. The composition ‘Alleine zu Zweit’ brought the atmosphere of the evening up to the right degree and there started the magic of LACRIMOSA, created by a good wizard Tilo Wolff.

To the joy of the fans the band, putting the accent on the new material, didn’t forget to play already classical ‘Schakal’, ‘Stolzes Herz’, ‘Alles Lüge’, ‘Ich bin der Brennende Komet’ and all the songs were met with a thunder of applause. Of course, it was impossible to do without ‘Copycat’ which Tilo performed with Anne Nurmi and the bassist Yenz Leonhardt. Unfortunately, the previous album was presented only by the composition ‘Lichtgestalt’, but nobody felt sorry because of it. People were swinging their arms and singing ‘Feuer’ and ‘Mandira Nabula’ together with the vocalist. Everyone was waiting for ‘I Lost My Star in Krasnodar’, and crafty LACRIMOSA left it for dessert. Russian tricolour in the front man’s hands threw the audience into ecstasies.

Then Tilo introduced the musicians in his native language and the crowd, unused to German, grew quiet, trying to understand what he was talking about. Finally, there was performed ‘A.U.S./Alles unter Schmerzen’ and the concert ended. The fans could stay in the club a bit longer to communicate with the ban, take autographs and pictures.

17th October 2009, 1Rock

The next day the crowd was even bigger, but the club turned out to be more spacious than the previous one. The concert started earlier and LACRIMOSA performed more songs from the new album and some old compositions, which all the people enthusiastically joined in. The backdrop on the stage was changed: instead of the band’s logo - famous clown, there appeared the cover picture of ‘Sehnsucht’ - Elodia riding a horse. This time, Tilo talked to the fans in English as he explained; yesterday almost no one could understand him. Before playing ‘I Lost My Star’, he photographed the audience, according to the tradition of the tour, and promised to put the pictures in the band’s blog. And he kept his word.

Finished the concert with ‘A.U.S.’ that Tilo introduced as one of his favourite songs, LACRIMOSA said goodbye and went backstage. But again the most patient fans had a chance to communicate with the musicians in the club restaurant. Well, many people affirm that new albums of LACRIMOSA are not as great as ‘Satura’ and ‘Inferno’ but it’s better to see, at least once, the band’s live performance than to listen to the discontented. Tilo Wolff is a rare professional and he knows how to make a good show. The concerts are over but I think everyone is looking forward to the continuation which will be for sure. LACRIMOSA has not yet played ‘I Lost My Star’ directly in Krasnodar.

01. Intro - Lacrimosa Theme
02. Die Sehnsucht in mir
03. Durch Nacht und Flut
04. Alleine zu Zweit
05. Schakal
06. A Prayer for Your Heart
07. Mandira Nabula
08. Alles Lüge
09. Der Morgen danach
10. Lichtgestalt
11. Tränen der Sehnsucht
12. Koma
13. Not Ever Pain Hurts
14. Copycat
15. Stolzes Herz
16. Ich bin der Brennende Komet
17. Make It End
18. Ich verlasse heut’ Dein Herz
19. I Lost My Star in Krasnodar
20. Feuer
21. A.U.S./Alles unter Schmerzen

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 9.4 / 10


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