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Artist: Mortiis
Title: Perfectly Defect
Genre: Ambient/ Industrial Rock
Release Date: 10th October 2010
Label: Self-released / Independent

Album Review

After the expiry of the record deal and after the nightmares and constrains of the music industry, MORTIIS decided to make a full use of today’s technology and release new album online, and as a gift for the fans it’s a free download as well. ‘Perfectly Defect’ is a more varied and experimental precursor to the next album due in 2011 entitled ‘The Great Deceiver’ which promises to be a very dark, angry and heavy follow-up to ‘The Grudge’ (2004) and ‘Some Kind of Heroin’ (2007). As the band were working on their new album, they kept creating more material and hence ‘Perfectly Defect’ has pushed its way into existence and is set to act as a connecting link in the evolution of MORTIIS’s music.

The first song ‘Closer to the End’ sounds as a musical dialogue with MARILYN MANSON’s ‘The Nobodies’, a superb answer and expansion adding layers to the concepts of Manson’s song. It’s a duet of a kind, a leitmotif in terms of sound and of lyrics as well. Second, album titled song conjures up to me Munch’s paintings and more melodic NINE INCH NAILS like existentially dark protests. ‘Sensation of Guilt’ is my favourite of the album, atmospheric, deceivingly quiet as it just gets under the skin and refuses to leave, a strong piece with a cinematic feel.  After this song the more experimental pieces as ‘Sole Defeat’ and ‘Thieving Bastards’ (which brings to my mind industrialised PRODIGY) come and pull you in. ‘Halo of Arms’ and ‘Impossible To Believe’ has a wonderfully eerie feel with the second’s faster beat comes as a resolution of the riddle. You can easily get lost in the surreal journeys through the MORTIIS soundscapes. ‘This Absolution’ - a powerful way to end this, its heaviness, tension and dark thick sound are a great foretaste of what is to come.

MORTIIS has inherited much of the strength of Scandinavian art, minimalistic yet conjuring layered complexity, the experimental nature of the album is indeed one of its greatest characteristics. It feels fresh, rich and simply brilliant. One of the best albums I’ve heard in some time; hearing ‘Perfectly Defect’ makes me anticipate their next one with even more impatience.


01. Closer to the end - 4.54
02. Perfectly Defect - 5.07
03. Sensation of Guilt - 6.16
04. Sole defeat - 5.34
05. Thieving Bastards - 4.16
06. Halo of Arms -5.19
07. Impossible to Believe -3.24
08. This Absolution - 5.56


Chris Kling

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Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 /10


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