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combichrist17C-Club, Berlin, Germany
25th February 2011
Blitzmaschine, Mortiis and Combichrist

With the concert in Berlin, the gig took place at a venue being too small for Bands like MORTIIS and COMBICHRIST. It was one of just seven concerts within the still running “Making-Monsters-Tour” through Europe. But the Germans were lucky. Nearly all concerts and some festivals within this tour here in Germany are at the weekends. Not like in Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. Anyway, BLITZMACHINE is playing only in Germany…


Founded 2009, the both are publishing their debut-album this year. As starter for the tour of COMBICHRIST it seems to be their first tour on earth, so they got the chance as newbie getting high level experienced guests with an attitude to old school electronic body music.


Music & Performance
A cold but sunny day comes to its end. But until the weekend will really start, I have to meet a few bands in Berlin to picture their gigs. First of them was BLITZMASCHINE, two “mid-age” guys from Hamburg. A dark stage full of instruments from all bands of the evening, about six monitor-speakers and Holger, the singer of them, had no room to move. Starting with some songs by standing on his starting position he tried to perform a bit more, when the “ice” was broken. During the whole time Matze, the second guy of the duet, just stands still. Just like to see on the pics, we was the calm one of them… I think he just moved his fingers and his head during the whole gig. Nothing real to talk about. So just Holger tried to make some more expressive movements but with just about 8 or 10 square meters he can’t do something real great.

01. Liebe auf den ersten Blick
02. Useless pain
03. Blondes Mädchen
04. Propaganda
05. Vorwärts
06. Blute jetzt

Music: 8
Performance: 5
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 7 / 10



Stange monsters they are called and being the eldest band on this tour. Founded in 1993, they’ve changed their style of music from clear pop electro to a mix of electro / industrial to metal. As well as Andy LaPlegua himself they are from Norway. The name is still the same but it’s only the surname from the Founder and singer himself. But during the years the band was grown to a full four member formation.


Music & Performance
first of all I have to say, I’ve never heard of them before. So I’ve been really surprised by hearing the first snippets. MORTIIS seems to be a full-metal band. Wondering why the Headliner of the eve just wanted them I just saw that many of the audience were really excited. After a few seconds the front man started his typical show. Just like that I thought has to be a metal-concert. But with four guys on stage they good just no room, too, so each of them, but not the drummer, has to fight for a bit space to move. The left guitar player flew on one of the speakers and now the small stage seems to be great enough for a small gig. I can’t say something about the songs but after all the music was still interesting. The audience was just more excited and some of them started dancing… But not everybody wanted to see hard-rock / metal heads. But they got more listeners then the starting fraction. The hall wasn’t full at all when MORTIIS closed, but there were a few more people. I think it wasn’t a sold out concert but we got some well-known guests seen. With BRUNO KRAMM, CHRIS POHL and TEUFEL I’ve only seen a few of them.

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 7.1 / 10



The “Making Monsters Tour” is not just a short trip to Germany. They are touring more than once in a year above the stages on different venues. This short tour with seven gigs is just a part of the tour plan this year. But Andy wasn’t himself if he will not play somewhere else on the planet, writing on new lyrics and working on new shows or songs.

Music & Performance
This band was the main reason for most people to come to the C-Club this evening. COMBICHRIST were starting their show just like each other I’ve seen within the last 12 months. But on a so small stage it was a fight for everybody of the four to find a bit room to move. But Andy LaPlegua has got so much experience that he just run mile on mile on that small room, too. The bodies from all of them where colored with matt black and white war paintings. Dramaturgic lightings and a foggy stage were just parts of a brilliant show. Andy got the whole audience in its hands, within just a few words. The crowd got much fun and only a few guys wanted to rumble with other guests.


What else should I write to a brilliant show? The four seems to have much fun and the audience too. The background created with the three imaginary guys (Joe, Trevor and z_marr) has been a big part of a great show. With on movements concerted lights they had great moments to show why they still are a big part of COMBICHRIST. Not even Andy can be a great entertainer. In the end most guests had a bodacious start into the weekend. Some of the people wanted to travel to the next gig the next day in Dresden. I would have too, but I can’t. But every show with COMBICHRIST is that what Andy told me last year. He wanted to entertain and that’s something he well versed! I’ve enjoyed it and hope you’ll too!


01. Intro / Just like me
02. Follow the trail of blood
03. Today I Woke To The Rain Of Blood
04. Electrohead
05. Throat full of glass
06. Get Your Body Beat
07. Deathbed
08. Slave to machine
09. Fuckmachine
10. Blut Royale
11. They
12. Never surrender
13. Scarred
14. Fuck that shit
15. This Shit will fuck you up
16. What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.7 / 10


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