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CombichristP60 2011 002P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
8th July 2011
Combichrist & Mortiis

COMBICHRIST already proved their live reputation three times before at P60 in Amstelveen, so expectations are high. Venue P60 is almost sold out and crowded with Goths, all dressed up to see another COMBICHRIST show.


MORTIIS is a Norwegian band founded and fronted by Håvard Ellefsen. Ellefsen began his musical career playing bass for the black metal act Emperor before creating his own solo project MORTIIS. Ellefsen has been experimenting greatly with music during his early career. He started four separate projects, though the focus was always on MORTIIS’ dark ambient music. Their latest album entitled ‘The Great Deceiver’ was released in 2011 by label Omnipresence Productions. /

Music & Performance
MORTIIS managed to put up a dynamic show on a small stage which was already mainly occupied by COMBICHRIST’s backline. Light is basically absent during their 40 minute support act, which really frustrates me. I try to manoeuvre between the ‘friendly’ audience who all seem just a little too keen on defending their spot in front of the stage. Music and sound are pretty ok though, and the first people start moving their feet.

Music: 7
Performance: 7.5
Sound: 7
Light: 4
Total: 6.5 / 10

MortiisP60 2011 001MortiisP60 2011 002


Founder and singer of COMBICHRIST LaPlegua originates from the Norwegian hardcore scene and started in electronic music with his solo project ICON OF COIL, which broadened his exposure with a release in de United States. After a focus on electronics and dance beats, his hardcore past emerged again in 2003 when LaPlequa formed COMBICHRIST. Described as a mechanical music monster, this combination proved to be successful. Starting with ‘The Joy of Gunz’, followed by ‘Kiss the Blade’, ‘Sex Drogen und Industrial’ and ‘Everybody Hates you’, COMBICHRIST produced several club classics, even ending in the top 10 Dance Singles chart with their 2006 EP ‘Get your body Beat’. Their fifth album ‘Making Monsters’ was released in 2010 and described by LaPlequa as “beyond my personal demons, and extremely honest”. /

CombichristP60 2011 001CombichristP60 2011 002

Music & Performance
As expected, COMBICHRIST puts up a blasting and grotesque performance. From the first beat of the drums, the audience starts moving while front man LaPlegua screams his violent, aggressive lyrics. Sleazy and loud seems to be just what the audience came for, and as freak show guitar player Abbey Nex seizures his way over the stage, LaPlegua bounces on while the audience starts dancing like maniacs. Drummer Joe Letz thinks it’s never too early to start trashing the instruments on stage and only after the first couple of songs he starts throwing around pieces of his drum kit, which are being quickly reassembled by their roadies. The Goths in P60 dance as if their lives depend on it, sing along with ‘Reign of blood’ and a very extended version of ‘Never Surrender’. After about an hour of pure angry energy, COMBICHRIST leaves the stage for the first time and comes back again for some more, leave again and return for the last time. During their last song, MORTIIS’ members join COMBICHRIST on stage for some extra percussion power. They also help out with an early breakdown of the stage and an-almost-exhibitionist act from MORTIIS guitar player who was (un)fortunately too drunk (or whatever) to take his pants off. LaPlegua and his fellow COMBICHRIST members assured the audience they had a great time, responded by loud cheers from P60, so I think programmers can already start booking a COMBICHRIST show for next year.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 5
Total: 7 / 10

CombichristP60 2011 003CombichristP60 2011 004CombichristP60 2011 005

All pics by Ruth Mampuys (

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