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Artist: Combichrist
Title: Noise Collection Vol. I
Genre: Electronic / Industrial / Noise
Release Date: 2nd April 2010
Label: Out Of Line

Album Review

Meanwhile the name COMBICHRIST is obligatory. Andy LaPlegua, mastermind of the formerly known Synth-pop project ICON OF COIL now is the head and creative part of COMBICHRIST. And he´s really creative: after four full length albums and six EP releases, COMBICHRIST is one of the top acts in Industrial / Noise genre. Proof for the success is the fact, that LaPlegua and his crew are support of RAMMSTEIN on their recent tour. The now available release is a kind of “Best of”, as you can say so. ‘Noise Collection Vol. I’ is a package of the first four releases of COMBICHRIST that were out of print. CD 1 is therefore the rerelease of COMBICHRIST’s first album ‘The Joy of Gunz’. Although the first release is seven years ago, this piece of music is still not lacking of its power and originality. Songs like ‘Joy of the World’, ‘Vater Unser’, ‘Bulletfuck’ and club-hit ‘God Wrapped In Plastic’ are outstanding and forward-looking.

CD 2 contains the rare ‘Kiss The Blade’ EP, originally released as a Halloween-Special, as well as the EP ‘Sex, Drogen Und Industrial’, one of the probably most played releases nowadays in clubs. Furthermore, the second CD contains the unknown mix of ‘Sex, Drogen Und Industrial’ and the ‘Vater Unser Combicritter Remix’ plus (!!!) two tracks of ‘Blut Royale’ vinyl single and (!!!) ‘Like To Thank My Buddies’ recorded live at Infest 2004. And as if that was not enough... ‘Strike’, exclusively recorded for the sampler ‘Industrial For The Masses Vol. 2’ can also be found on this release. Of course, the releases are not of the maturity than recent releases, but it´s a chance to collect the earlier songs and releases of a combo that is leading the scene to new shores. Pretty much music for a low price… No doubt, that there´s only one conclusion, I´m supposed to advise: Go and get it!


CD 1
01. Intruder Alert
02. Joy to the World
03. You Will Be the Bitch Now
04. Winteryear
05. Play Dead
06. Turmoil
07. Master Control
08. Vater Unser
09. The Line to the Dead
10. Bulletfuck
11. Human Error
12. God Wrapped In Plastic
13. History of Madness
14. Shrunken Heads for All Occasions

CD 2
01. Kiss the Blade (Motherfucker 667 Mix)
02. Kiss the Blade (Frequensy Cabrone 667 Mix)
03. Minus One
04. The Well
05. Penalty Shot
06. Blut Royale (Instru-Mental Version)
07. Tractor
08. Anatomy
09. Sex, Drogen und Industrie (LowTech Mix)
10. Sex, Drogen und Industrie (Remixed by Soman)
11. Sex, Drogen und Industrie (Unknown Mix)
12. Vater Unser (Combicritter Remix)
13. Like to Thank My Buddies (Live At Infest)
14. Strike


Andy LaPlegua - vocals
Joe Letz - drums
z_marr - keyboards
Trevor Friedrich - percussion
Mr. Petersen - keyboards

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10


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