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Artist: Combichrist
Title: Never Surrender
Genre: Industrial / TBM
Release Date: 6th July 2010
Label: Out Of Line

Single Review

As a forerunner for the upcoming album ‘Making Monsters’, this single was meant to set high expectations for the LP - but it isn’t something that keeps this promise. There’s nothing fancy about it. I heard ‘Never Surrender’ during their concert in Zurich, but even then it wasn’t a big surprise. COMBICHRIST became a "popular" band; their sound is for a wider audience by now. I miss the old sound of the band... but surely also making some money and gaining a lot of new fans (with no idea of good music probably) are nowadays the things that work. I experienced that COMBICHRIST are getting down with each album, more and more commercial and monotonous missing some innovation. Sorry fans, but that’s my opinion. Each of the potential consumers must decide on their own if this EP is worth to buy it - it doesn’t offer any specials or B-Side tracks. Let’s see what the upcoming album has to offer…


01. Never Surrender (Album Version) (04:50)
02. Never Surrender (I AM X Rework) (05:07)
03. Never Surrender (Remix by MELT) (04:47)
04. Never Surrender (TERENCE FIXMER Remix) (05:13)


Andy LaPlegua - vocals, lyrics, production
Joe Letz - live drums
Trevor Friedrich - live percussions
z_marr - live keys, synths

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Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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