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Title: Stahlwerksynfonie (Re-Release)
Artist: Die Krupps
Genre: Industrial / Rock
Release Date: 19th November 2010
Label: SPV

Album Review

Upon its release nearly 30 years ago, DIE KRUPPS’ first effort ‘Stahlwerksynfonie’ set a landmark in creating a lengthy progressing soundscape over two sides of a vinyl, but it also marked the beginning of one of industrial’s most influential formations. There’s also a story wedded to this remarkable piece of music; mostly one of legal conflicts which is not settled until the present day and guess what it’s about money. Really sad, but it shouldn’t keep us now from acknowledging the undeniable quality of this piece of music, which bases on monotonous patterns of drums and bass throbs with improvised harsh guitars, saxophone and industrial noises played over it. It is in the narrowest sense of the word a hard-edged composition that has you fight for finding the door to reach its inner sanctum full of early sonic wonder. This re-mastered re-release also holds the extremely rare original version of the track that, no matter the given sonic polishing, reveals its age very clearly while ‘Stahlwerksinfonie’ tracks A+B have a more modern painting to them with more sound details and even screams wrapped in echo and reverb.

The other part of this release is a very early live recording, released for the very first time. Its sound is hardly above the horrible quality of one of today’s mobile phone recordings, but then again it’s been a different time and god knows how old this recording actually is. Anyway, we should see it as a chronicle, a rough unpolished one and as such it works out. Complete with the original version of the track, the re-release of the first DIE KRUPPS record is a must-have for those who, for one or the other reason, missed out on getting it by now and for those who want to learn the real meaning of industrial.


01. Stahlwerksymphonie Ur-Werk - 23:52
02. Stahlwerksinfonie A - 13:48
03. Stahlwerksinfonie B - 14:41

01. Wahre Arbeit Wahrer Lohn - 2:15
02. Stahlbad - 4:31
03. Schmerz aus Eisen - 3:11
04. Diese Nacht - 3:50
05. Alles verbrennt - 2:46
06. Stahlwerksinfonie - 14:11


Juergen Engler
Bernward Malaka
Frank Köllges
Eva Gössling
Ralf Dörper

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Music: 9
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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