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rr DSC6096Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
13th December 2013
Royal Republic

It was June 2013, when large Rock The Beach festival took place in Helsinki, organized by a global promoter Livenation. The festival had two huge stages and a small one. Small stage was even not so big deal, sponsored by a local jeans shop, whose makeshift version also situated in the festival grounds. But commercial huge bands weren't interesting at times, and in lack of real outcome from some supposedly big acts, well-advertised names no wonder that I end up to check small stage almost involuntary. And there were ROYAL REPUBLIC.

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Great live band, singing not-so-sophisticated and non-serious lyrics, doing it with upmost fun and being a great relief. (No crazy photo restrictions, too.) ROYAL REPUBLIC is an up-and coming Swedish "garage rock" band with two albums released in 2010 and 2012. The material is better enjoyed during the gigs, where rock itself is supplemented by extremely vivid acting of band members. While I could not call all the repertoire stellar, there are some certain rock hits, such as ‘Everybody wants to be an astronaut’, full of melody and overall catchy tune. /

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Music & Performance
As mentioned, a gig is the best place to check our ROYAL REPUBLIC (best served on festivals against some boring headliner). 90% of audience was female in their teens. The concert started with some of best-known songs, that kicked the crown in great mood instantly. Yet, middle of the gig did felt a little more monotonous and little boring - if songs such as ‘Underwear’ were 100% of the setlist, I would certainly call it a great show, but still, it was pretty good. Catchy tunes returned close to the end of the gig. The drummer also had a mike and would sing too, and every band member was acting enjoyably. Most of ROYAL REPUBLIC songs are far from serious, so the stage behaviour, full of grimaces and fooling around. Made a very fine evening. If they make more hits, their gigs might reach a highly recommended status, will see in coming year.

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01. Molotov
02. Strangers Friends Lovers Strangers
03. Underwear
04 .Everybody Wants to Be an Astronaut
05. Good to Be Bad
06. Make Love Not War (If You Have to Make War - Make Sure to Make Time to Make Love in Between)
07. Addictive
09. Save the Nation
10. You Ain't Nobody ('Til Somebody Hates You)
11. Be My Baby
12. The Royal
13. President's Daughter
14. Walking Down the Line
15. I Must Be Out of My Mind
16. Tommy-Gun
17. Revolution
18. All Because of You
19. Full Steam Spacemachine

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 8.5 / 10

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Photos by Askar Ibragimov

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