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Title: We Are The Royal
Artist: Royal Republic
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 27th August 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records / On Fire Records

Album Review

The band came together in 2007 and advanced to a degree in an amount of time that is surprising. 2010 is the year for them to conquer audiences with their debut album, simply titled ‘We Are The Royal’. Arrogant or overly self-conscious? Neither the one nor the other! They just seem to have a waggish sense of humour and their music lots of steam under the hood. First poof of that is given with the high-speed opening cut ‘The Royal’, introduced with a pacey riff and a beat like a train at 300 miles per hour. It just grabs you by the neck and once the short ride is over, you barely will know what happened. “She’s got It all / I want her / in love with the president’s daughter”. You hear it, you shake your head and you can’t rid the picture of Adam Rahl and the band rocking their hearts out, but with a big grin in their faces. ‘All Because Of You’ has that dirty, hard rock flavour while ‘Good To Be Bad’ just is a catchy anthem you will want to sing along to right now.

If you say the title ‘Full Steam Spacemachine’, you actually have said nearly everything about the title’s nature except: Kick ass with a hellish groove! ‘Underwear’ at first seems childish, but then again, if you know they’re taking themselves not too serious it becomes a joke put into music. ‘OIOIOI’ lets the lads indulge in straight, excellently crafted and classic rock to shake the hips one more time. The album’s plain fun and entertainment from the first to the last second, and by that fulfils just what the band aimed to bring the audiences. I’m pretty sure this will be a burner when played live.


01. The Royal - 1:36
02. President's Daughter - 2:31
03. Walking Down The Line - 2:07
04. All Because Of You - 2:59
05. Good To Be Bad - 2:47
06. Full Steam Spacemachine - 3:28
07. Cry Baby Cry - 2:39
08. Tommy-Gun - 2:34
09. I Must Be Out Of My Mind - 2:02
10. Underwear - 2:02
11. 21st Century Gentlemen - 3:08
12. The End - 2:30
13. OIOIOI - 4:47


Adam Grahn - Vocals
Hannes Irengård - Guitar
Jonas Almén - Bass
Per Andreasson - Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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