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peterpanspeedrock buckleupandshoveit
Artist: Peter Pan Speedrock
Title: Buckle up and Shove it !
Genre: Rock`n`Roll
Release Date: 30th May 2014
Label: Steamhammer/ SPV

Album Review

PETER PAN SPEEDROCK make “Speedrock” and come from “Eindhoven Rockcity” in the Netherlands. Since 1997, they are on the road and play their version of rock music, it is not the kind of music you can call innovative, but it is done with attitude. This is the music you have to listen when you’re driving fast, party hard or make some dirty bed activities. Their new album has a lot of MOTÖRHEAD spirit, some Rockabilly and 70s Punk references. The lyrics are typical for sound, they are about fast cars, women and drinking. To put thirteen tracks on a Rock`n`Roll album looks to me like a spiritual thing.

Some people might miss the more aggressive and fast style of the early records, but songs like ‘Deadringer’ may give them some of that back. A friend of mine once said to me “PETER PAN SPEEDROCK are the Anvil of Schweinerock!”. I think this is true. Everyone who likes it old-school and dirty should give them a try and if you got the chance to see the guys live, grab some beer and party hard. Cheers.


01. Get you high
02. Whateverman
03. Murdertruck
04. Tunnelvision
05. Bad Thing
06. Loose Woman & Loud Guitars
07. New Rose
08. Note to Self
09. Wise Eyed & Thirsty
10. Buckle Up & Shove It
11. Deadringer
12. Doin`the Nasty
13. Heart Full Of Soul


Bart “Bartje“ Nederhand – Drums
Bart “Bartman“ Geevers – Bass
Peter “Piet“ van Elderen – Vocals, Guitar

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peterpanspeedrock buckleupandshoveit


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Total: 6.5 / 10

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