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prideandfall oflustanddesire
Artist: Pride And Fall
Title: Of Lust and Desire
Genre: Electro/ Industrial/ EBM/ Trance/ Techno
Release Date: 30th August 2013
Label: Dependent (Alive)

Album Review

The Norwegian Future Pop band was founded in 2000 by Sigve Monsen, Per Waagen and Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen. And unlike many other bands after almost 15 years it is still the original cast. With this album the band has now released 4 albums and several songs of them appeared on diverse sampler. The toured with SEABOUND and COVENANT and performed in2007 at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. With their third album ‘Time of Dying’ PRIDE AND FALL reached the No 1 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts).

The opening song of the album started with a longer dramatic classical intro before the vocals and keyboard set in. Starting with such a grave atmosphere, you are almost relieved that the next song got the easiness you enjoy of Synth Pop songs that invite you to enter the dance floor. I have to admit that I have not heard of this band before, or at least not consciously, but from the second song on I really liked the music of this album. Furthermore the singer could convince me with a good and likeable vocal quality. The fifth song is an instrumental song and reminds me partly of meditation sound or film music for nature documentaries if there were not the beats from the drum machine and later some disturbing sounds of the keyboards.

As the next one is once again a nice Synth-/ Future- Pop song, you cannot defy the impression that it is a filler. Song 9 sounds more like a perfect last song of an album with the calm and solemn atmosphere. And just when you think that the album is finished you are surprised with a dance track following. With the refrain ‘I will hold the light for you’ in the last song ‘Epilogue’ the Leitmotif of the light brings up the rear of love, struggling in the dark, fighting for each other or fighting for love. Actually I like the album. Nonetheless I have my problems with the sequence of the songs and I think without song 5 the album would be well- balanced and close to being perfect.

The album is available as a standard version, download version but you can also only download each song of this album.


01. Sculptor of lust and desire
02. Hollow
03. Passionate pain
04. Turn the lights on
05. The void ‘Let me go first’
06. The comforter
07. The knife
08. Reborn
09. The river runs through it
10. Fear your love
11. Epilogue


Sigve Monsen – vocals
Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen – guitar
Per Wagen – keyboards, programming

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prideandfall oflustanddesire


Music: 8.5
Sound: 9
Total: 8.8 / 10

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