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royalrepublic clubmajesty
Artist: Royal Republic
Title: Club Majesty
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 31st May 2019
Label: Arising Empire

Album Review

ROYAL REPUBLIC is a Swedish band that was formed in 2007. Three years after their last album ‘Weekend man’ the four guys from Sweden invite us to their latest release, ‘Club majesty’, which was published by Arising Empire on the 31st of May this year. The album starts with a long and intense “Yeah!” The first song; ‘Fireman & Dancer’, gives us a hint about the sound of the whole album. It’s a real disco song that makes you want to dress up and go on a party. It’s just a classic Rock song. But the party won’t stop with the second song, ‘Can’t Fight The Disco’, which is even more catchy and danceable than the one before.

The opposite is the song ‘Like a Lover’. It’s way slower and relaxed than the other songs. But it’s also more sensual und emotional. And it makes me wanna fall in love. Another highlight is the song ‘Stop Movin’’ which makes me wanna drive in a car, turn the windows down and sing the song all night long. The song is a great example that it’s definitely possible to make a great song with only two different sentences. The whole album is filled with strong guitar sounds, funky synth beats and a soulful voice. By comparing ‘Club Majesty’ to earlier CDs it’s clear to see that ROYAL REPUBLIC found their own style. They’re rockers by heart and always stay true to themselves and Rock’n’Roll.

In conclusion I can say that to me this album is full of danceable disco songs. I guess Pop-Rock lovers and ROYAL REPUBLIC fans will love the album and will feel good and comfortable in ‘Club Majesty’.


01. Fireman & Dancer
02. Can’t Fight The Disco
03. Boomerang
04. Under Cover
05. Like A Lover
06. Blunt Force Trauma
07. Fortune Favors
08. Flower Power Madness
09. Stop Movin’
10. Anna Leigh
11. Bulldog


Adam Grahn – Vocals / Guitar
Hannes Irengård – Guitar
Jonas Almén – Bass
Per Andreasson – Drums


Cover Picture

royalrepublic clubmajesty


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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