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Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
4th November 2009
Samsas Traum & Alight

On the occasion their 13th anniversary, SAMSAS TRAUM had the idea for a very special tour. The setlist was completely comprised only most wished songs. As is typical for birthday parties, there were lots of gifts from the band to the fans to let them know they appreciate their support.


This evening's opening band was ALIGHT, from Italy. The band consists of Sabina (vocals), Mirko (drums), Elena (bass) and Eddie (guitar) plus one unknown, masked person playing the synths.

Music & Performance
ALIGHT provide a mixture between metal and electro, adding appealing synthesizer sounds and edgy guitars to the beautiful voice of their singer. Frequently, rather unknown bands have a hard time getting through to the audience and ALIGHT were no exception here, even though their performance was a good one. However, a few songs into the set, the band found a way to interact with the audience.

Music: 6
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 5
Total: 6.8 / 10

Samsas Traum

For 13 years now, SAMSAS TRAUM has enriched the gothic community with their unique music as well as with their controversial lyrics and attitude, promoting a vegan lifestyle and misanthropy. Their recent album ‘13 Jahre Lang Dagegen - Anti Bis Zum Tod’ was released on 30th October and proves that SAMSAS TRAUM are not yet ready to stop re-inventing themselves . The only constant member and mastermind behind SAMSAS TRAUM is Alexander Kaschte. On this tour, he was accompanied by Michael Beck (drums), Andrew Ongley (guitar), Paul Wilkinson (guitar) and David Pybus (bass).

Music & Performance
SAMSAS TRAUM has tried many styles so far, acoustic and electronic, rather classical and pure metal. Sometimes, they were even combined and the band always had a message in their lyrics. One could come to the conclusion; they are one of the most diversified German bands labelled as "Gothic". After all the controversies about SAMSAS TRAUM and their tendency to create thoughtful music, one would expect a pretty serious show but this time, those expectations were disappointed. Seldom have I seen a band having that much fun on stage. After nearly every song, Alexander Kaschte talked to the audience a little, joked around and gave away shirts (13 in total).

But not only between songs; also during songs they showed a great sense of humour for example with the mandatory hedgehog glove puppet during ‘Die Zärtlichkeit der Verdammten’. Another time, singer Alexander imitated several animals for ‘Ich wünsch' mir dass das Zebra schweigt’. With all the laughing, the confetti and the balloons, this truly was a worthy birthday party for SAMSAS TRAUM, and it left the audience hoping for another 13 years to come.

01. Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt
02. Heiliges Herz
03. F.M.N.F.
04. Für Immer
05. Happy Birthday
06. Stromausfall im Herzspital
07. Ein Name im Kristall
08. Auf den Spiralnebeln
09. Heute Nacht ist mein Tag
10. Sterbende Liebe
11. Tragische Trauertränen
12. Satanshimmel voller Geigen
13. So wie die Wellen
14. Endstation Eden
15. Ich wünsch' mir. dass das Zebra schweigt
16. Peng - Du bist tot
17. Die Zärtlichkeit der Verdammten
18. Liebeslied
19. Die Zähne in der Hand
20. Das Zeitalter der Bäume
21. Thanathan und Athanasia
22. Dort oben sterben Tiere
23. Dies ist kein Traum
24. Mr. Misanthropia
25. Ein Fötus wie Du
26. Kugel im Gesicht

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 8.7 / 10

All pictures by Katrin Renner (

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