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Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn, Germany
31st May 2006
A_liFe [Divided], Samsas Traum, Oomph!

Oomph! are everywhere in these days. They got into the album charts with their latest album “Glaube Liebe Tod” and they attracted even more attention with their single “Gott ist ein Popstar”. Some so-called moralists felt forced to press the censorship stamp on it. For the last concert of their tour on German ground they chose the LKA and the masses made a pilgrimage to the location. This was quite interesting. Some people are obviously standing by the band for years and there were many new fans, which lowered the age average considerably.

A_liFe [Divided]

Official support for the tour were the South German boys of ‘A_liFe [Divided]’. Some will have known the guitarist with the "Shine" T-shirt - Tony Berger plays also with the well-known ‘Lacrimas Profundere’. The band released their second album “Far” in 2006 and as the first one they recorded this at their own Mediabase-studio. The press praised the album and even Flux (Oomph!) introduced the guys as a new hope in German rock-music. Because of these we were very anxious to see them.

With their dynamic songs, which move on the border between rock and metal, they inspired us and the audience. Only the grunts of singer Jürgen did not fit to the songs, but he just used them for seconds. The advertisement had not promised too much. They did a very good show with fantastic songs and so much energy. We will keep this name in mind.

Singer Jürgen swept like a dervish over the stage. Everybody was moving and banging - on and in front of the stage. These guys had really much fun and they seemed to enjoy their part on this tour. This was the right power to open a concert.

Music 7
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 6
Total 7 (7.2)

Samsas Traum

Above all we knew Samsas Traum because of their wonderful album artworks. Beside this we just remembered some strange lyrics and unusual melodies. Since their last regular album “a.Ura und das Schnecken.Haus” they just re-released some reworked old albums. /

So, honestly we don’t know what to say about this concert. The music is a mixture between Alternative, Rock, Metal, Punk and something, which is really “art”. The saxophone player brought some good classical elements to the songs. The lyrics are telling some strange stories and sometimes we even couldn’t judge, whether this is maybe the reality for singer Alexander Kaschte.

We don’t know whether Alexander Kaschte has consciously selected the image of a mad professor himself or if he is really weird. His overexcited appearance was crowned with the application of a hand-puppet. So we even forgot the banner with the cockroaches and the machine guns. Songs like "Es war einmal" with "Taliban" interruptions or "Stromausfall im Herzspital" probably explain themselves.

01. Es war einmal
02. Khaos-Prinz und Wind-Prinzessin
03. Die Zärtlichkeit der Verdammten
04. Stromausfall im Herzspital
05. Für immer
06. Ein Fötus wie du
07. Endstation.Eden
08. Ich bin (k)ein Soziopath

Music 3
Performance 4
Sound 7
Light 7
Total 5 (4.5)


Since the foundation of the band in 1989 ‘Oomph!’ developed from an underground act into a well-known rock-pop-band. Since their working with Nina Hagen for “Fieber” of the album “Plastik” they raised their success and even reached the top-position of the single-charts in February 2004 with “Augen auf!”. This year they got to know the dark side of the media. Because of their song “Gott ist ein Popstar” they were boycotted by nearly all radio- and TV-stations. They even lost their invitation for the “Echo”-Awards. Everybody who knows their songs since their beginning can only laugh about it. In comparison with the old songs the single “Gott ist ein Popstar” is really harmless.  

After a short intro they rushed to the actual album with "Träumst Du" only to bring back the demons of their past immediately with "Unsere Rettung". Alternately they preached to the audience through all their releases. The religion has always been one of their most important themes. Whether they played "Gott ist ein Popstar" or "Mitten ins Herz", "Ich will Deine Seele" or "Gekreuzigt” - there were always allusions to it.

Dero showed his best sides - evil, playful, and aggressive. Crap and Flux only moved a few times.  Dero also gave his best with his voice. At the end of the concert he sang an a-ccapella version of “Ich will Deine Seele”, which gave the creeps - after we jumped already five minutes through the location during “Mensch sein”. The band had also the time for some greetings to the Finnish friends of ‘Lordi’. In the song “Dein Weg” they used some lines of “Hard Rock Halleluja”. After nearly two hours of sermon everyone was blessed but hopelessly sweaty. Everybody hums a line of one or another Oomph!-song on their way through the gate.

01. Träumst Du
02. Unsere Rettung
03. Keine Luft mehr
04. Du willst es doch auch
05. Fieber
06. Wenn Du weinst
07. Die Schlinge
08. Supernova
09. Sex hat keine Macht
10. Mitten ins Herz
11. Das letzte Streichholz
12. Dein Feuer
13. Das weiße Licht
14. Mein Schatz
15. Dein Weg (incl. "Hard Rock Halleluja")
16. Gekreuzigt
17. Niemand
18. Augen auf
19. Brennende Liebe
20. Gott ist ein Popstar
21. Mensch sein
22. Ich will Deine Seele (a-ccapella)

Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 8
Total 8 (7.9)

written by Madlen Köhn
pictures by Thomas Köhn


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