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Artist: Terror
Title: Keepers Of The Faith
Genre: Hardcore
Release Date: 27th August 2010
Label: Century Media

Album Review

TERROR has always been popular with the underground, and has continued to make the punk hardcore genre very fun, especially at live shows. They’ve always been trying to crank out the best work that they can with numerous demos, EPs, and live albums, each with an undying love for the fans. Drawing on influences such as HATEBREED and BIOHAZARD, TERROR creates an aggressive output that has failed to disappoint with each album they create. With crunching, catchy riffs, lyrics with a point carried by a vengeful voice, and drum beats that could skin a rhinoceros, their music never gives anyone a break in the flow of head banging energy. Their fourth studio album, ‘Keepers Of The Faith’, is no different.

‘Keepers Of The Faith’ offers short, numerous aggressive tracks that each stand for something in their own manner. There’s the pulsing rhythm of ‘Shattered’ with a great tempo from the drums, and then there’s the over-the-top skull pounders like ‘Your Enemies Are Mine’ with a much faster drum tempo that rivals death metal speeds with the guitars holding a rhythm of a uncompromising punk track. ‘You’re Caught’ has a very unique melodic guitar style that is much more hard rock oriented and delves away from the chugging pattern of usual hardcore. The only thing that really stands out as hardcore is the vocals. It is one of the best tracks on the album. ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ is very solid and brutal with lots of groove oriented rhythms and the usual fierce attitude that TERROR always brings.

The bass is very clear on this song which is a rarity for TERROR’s work since it usually is so fast paced. ‘Stay Free’ offers an important message while also delivering a darkly melodic interlude. ‘Only Death’ is downright aggression fused with groove-core and one of most the blistering guitar solos off the album. ‘Defiant’ closes the album with a thick sound that is also full of rage and something that will really get to fans of hardcore or those who are new to this band. It’s the perfect track to hear, especially with the lengthy melodic solo near the end amongst all the shouting.

While this may not be TERROR’s finest record; that one goes to their debut for its breakthrough nature, this is by far their most mature effort. Over the years TERROR have stuck with their hardcore style and just gotten better and better at it. While a lot of tracks ‘Keepers Of The Faith’ sound the same, the few choice cuts make it more than worth listening to for any fan of hardcore. But, their new album is not just a testament to TERROR’s hardcore legacy. It is also a testament to their fans that have stood by and supported them the whole way. Most likely, after this release, they’ll gain even more.


01. Your Enemies Are Mine (1:41)
02. Stick Tight (2:43)
03. Return To Strength (2:41)
04. The Struggle (2:21)
05. Shattered (2:36)
06. You’re Caught (2:18)
07. Dead Wrong (2:51)
08. Keepers Of The Faith (3:13)
09. Stay Free (2:19)
10. Hell And Back (3:05)
11. Only Death (2:26)
12. The New Blood (2:34)
13. Defiant (2:57)


Scott Vogel - vocals
Martin Stewart - guitar
Nick Jett - drums
David Wood-  bass
Jordan Posner - guitar


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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10


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