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vogonpoetry gargleblaster shakenandmixed
Artist: Vogon Poetry
Title: Gargle Blaster - Shaken and mixed
Genre: Electronic Spacemusic
Release Date: 2nd June 2023
Label: Audite Records

Album Review

Swedish Synth Pop trio VOGON POETRY released their latest album ‘The Guide’ in March. You can read more about it in our album review. With ‘Gargle Blaster - Shaken and mixed’, Roger Tell, John Andersson and Daniel Önnerby now released a remix EP of one of my favourite tracks from ‘The Guide’. The ‘SCALA remix’ was released on 19th May to set the mood for the coming summer. The complete remix EP followed on 2nd June. In addition to the original version and the aforementioned ‘SCALA remix’, it also contains five other remixes by Glenn Main, NATURE OF WIRES, DNTR, THE GUILTY SPARK and the ‘Cocktail Mix’ by PEOPLE THEATRE.

The ‘SCALA remix’ of ‘Gargle Blaster’ not only immediately puts you in the right mood for a summer holiday with cocktails by the pool and relaxation. We get to hear VOGON POETRY here like never before. And SCALA, by the way, too. But somehow it was almost imperative to give the track a proper off-beat and to put the wind section so typical for Ska & Reggae over it. Exactly, you read that right. SCALA bring us “the best drink in existence” in a spacey Ska version. And what should I say. It fits fine and is real fun.

The Norwegian Glenn Main picks up the offbeat and packs it in an electronic variant that still reminds a little of Ska, while NATURE OF WIRES from Herefordshire (UK) take a more minimalistic approach. With the ‘Cocktail Mix’ by PEOPLE THEATER (known for his work with IAMX and APOPTYGMA BERZERK, among others), ‘Gargle Blaster’ should also feel at home in the clubs. DNTR give the track a slightly stronger beat, which also makes you want to dance and doesn’t just fit in the beach bar. Speaking of the beach bar... That’s where THE GUILTY SPARK’s remix fits perfectly, in fact at the Malibu Beach in the 80s.

‘Gargle Blaster - Shaken and mixed’ brings “the best drink in existence” to the beach and into the summer. The seven versions are fun and get you in real summer mood. Simply insert, mix, dance and enjoy.


01. Gargle Blaster
02. Gargle Blaster (SCALA Remix)
03. Gargle Blaster (Glenn Main Remix)
04. Gargle Blaster (Nature of Wires Remix)
05. Gargle Blaster (People Theatre's Cocktail mix)
06. Gargle Blaster (DNTR Remix)
07. Gargle Blaster (The Guilty Spark Remix)


Roger Tell - Music & lyrics
John Andersson - Vocals
Daniel Önnerby - Artwork

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vogonpoetry gargleblaster shakenandmixed


Music: 8.5
Sound: 8.5
Total: 8.5 / 10

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