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Implements of Hell

Harsh-electro scene legend, Belgian SUICIDE COMMANDEO, released this year their new studio album named ‘Implements of hell’. In our new series of articles "In My Own Words", Johan Van Roy - leader and front man of SUICIDE COMMANDEO - tells exclusively about the new album.

01. Intro / The Pleasures Of Sin
Suicide Commando: The opening song of ‘Implements of hell’ is based upon the 1965 TV documentary "perversion for profit" which was warning the US people about the dangers of sex and perversion, warning the people about the dangers of nudity and magazines showing nudity, and warning the people about the dangers of homo sexuality, presenting homosexuality as some disease and perversion. Even today, more then 40 years later, we still see that homosexuality or sexual actions like SM, BDSM, bondage, are often still seen as perversive or sick by a majosc2009_05rity of people. With ‘The pleasures of sin’ I wanted to convict this narrow minded view upon sexuality. For me sexual actions like SM, or sexual orientation like homosexuality or bisexuality are perfectly normal as long as they happen with the approval of the respective partner.

02. The Dying Breed
Suicide Commando: This song is dealing about one of the biggest dangers of mankind "greed". Our greed for power is definitely one of the worlds biggest dangers along with religion and indifference. In history greed already caused many wars, many casualties, many grief. So our own greed is somehow causing our own destruction and in the end perhaps even the destruction of our own breed.

03. Die Motherfucker Die
Suicide Commando: The song title actually was borrowed from a metal band called DOPE, but the song in itself has a lot more to say then you might think at first. At first sight you might think it deals about a serial killer and is explaining what drove this person to his cruel actions and what drove him to become a serial killer, as it is proven that serial killers often act out of revenge for cruelty that was done to themselves when they were young, often being abused by their own parents or relatives, often being mistreated in their own childhood. But the song also could deal about you or me, as we also often act out of revenge, act out of hate and envy. So it kind of tells that in the end there's not that much difference between a serial killer and a person like you and me, sometimes it's a very thin line between becoming a serial killer and keeping your anger under control.

04. Death Cures All Pain
Suicide Commando: ‘Death cures all pain’ tells the story of a fictional person on the edge of his life, wondering if suicide could be the solution for all his problems. If pain starts to control your life we often start to question life and wonder if death wouldn’t be the solution. For some people this really can become sc2009_03a burden and sometimes chase yourself your entire life, its something that cant be cured and will always chase yourself no matter what.

05. God Is In The Rain
Suicide Commando: Religion for sure has been one of the most controversial issues in this world, and I think many of us have been questioning the existence of a God over the years. God is in the rain is about this questioning, asking ourselves if such a God really exists ? If there is a God, why all the grief, pain, hunger, abuse in this world ? While were living in a place full of luxury and abundance, people in Africa still die from hunger or a lack of water & basic needs like medication if there really would be a God, why would he let this happen ? I think many of us would like to believe in a God if we knew he really would exist.

06. Hate Me
Suicide Commando: We often judge others without even knowing them personally, we often convict others without really knowing them. Hate me is a call to live (y)our own life, hate me is my way of showing my middle finger to all those who have been judging or convicting me without even knowing me or who I am.

07. Come Down With Me
Suicide Commando: This song tells the story from the standpoint of a murderer, trying to explain and justifying his cruel actions, knowing very well that what he did was wrong, but acting out of revenge from all the pain and grief that was caused to him in his own childhood. Even though this song once again deals about a fictional murderer it also has a lot of reality in it as it is proven that serial killers or murderers often act out of revenge for grief caused to them in their past.

08. Severed Head
Suicide Commando: Even though this song is instrumental, the used vocal samples tell a story about another cruel serial killer named Ed(mund) Kemper who not only brutally violated and killed several people, but also sc2009_02killed his own grandparents and above all his own mother by beheading her and throwing darts at her severed head. The Ed Kemper case truly was one of the most shocking and cruel serial killer cases in history.

09. The Perils Of Indifference
Suicide Commando: Another big danger of today is the indifference of mankind. We don’t really care about the murders, wars, abuse, criminality happening around us every second, every hour, every day. As long as its not happening to ourselves we don’t really care, as long as it doesn’t touch ourselves we don’t really care and we simply stay indifferent. But if we all think that way this world will slowly but surely destroy itself, so its about time that we change our way of thinking and acting.

10. Until We Die
Suicide Commando: The most personal song on the album is kind of dedicated to my father who suddenly died few years ago while I was on tour. The death of my father left me with so many unanswered questions, not only because it happened so suddenly, but also because I wasn’t home when he died, so I never really could say goodbye to him. This song kind of deals with all the questions it left me and we probably ask ourselves quite regularly "why is there so much grief and pain in this world ? why do we or our beloved ones die ?" All questions to which we never will get a concrete answer. until we die on the one hand is a song about all these questions, and on the other hand a tribute to my deceased father.

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